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A Complete the conversation using '... dollars ... cents' and phrases of

quantity of food and drinks.

Waiter: Welcome to Yummy Fast-food Shop. Can I help you?

Ivan: Can I have a 1  of pizza?

Waiter: Do you want to buy three? You can enjoy a big discount today.

Ivan: Oh, really? How much are they?

Waiter: They're 2 .

Ivan: OK. Can I have two 3  of French fries?

Waiter: Sure. They're just 4 .

Do you want a 5  of chicken wings? There are six

chicken wings in it.

Ivan: Nice! How much is it?

Waiter: It's 6 .

Do you want to try the vegetable soup? It's our new product.

Ivan: OK. I want two 7  of vegetable soup then.

Waiter: No problem. They're 8 .

Ivan: That's all. How much are they altogether?

Waiter: One hundred seventeen dollars and ten cents, please.

Q4: How many French fries does Ivan order?

Yummy Fast-food Shop

$39.60 for THREE $28.50 for SIX

$10.80 $27.40 for TWO


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