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We undertook an Integrated

Riparian Survey (IRiS) of the

Wharfe between Hubberholme

and the confluence of the

Wharfe with the Skirfare.

Vegetation in the channel,

margins and banks every

250 metres was recorded.

This mapped all invasive

species and habitats present

on the floodplain in Phase 1

Habitat format. Additionally,

all geomorphological features

in the river were target noted

and any colonising vegetation


The morphology of the river

was described and, on the

basis of these results,

the river was divided into

a number of functional

reaches for which we devised

restoration measures.

The project involved:

• Mapping 10km of the

floodplain to Phase 1 standard

with target notes.

• Mapping all palaeo-features

on the floodplain and their

vegetation described.

• Mapping all morphological

features within and alongside

the channel. These were also

target noted and described

and any vegetation

present surveyed.

• Identification of a number

of morphological units

were identified which were

characterised and mapped.

Himalayan balsam pulling,

willow spiling and tree

planting along the river. They

are also seeking funding from

project partners for largerscale projects. We

also found:

• Eco-hydromorphology

assessments are more

productive in

specialist teams.

• Consultation at an early

stage in the process

is desirable to ensure

stakeholder and landowner

buy-in and to reduce any

delays to the project.

• Ensuring 'informal' time is

allowed for at public events

to facilitate private discussion

with individuals who are not

prepared to speak in public.

• Identification of key

individuals helps take the

restoration project forward.

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Ecology Lead


The 'vision' for the river

has led to a project

board to be set up by

the Yorkshire dales

Rivers Trust. Their aim

is to deliver some of

the projects highlighted

in the plan through

working with farmers

and landowners,

including fisheries

interests. The Trust has

engaged volunteers in


Natural England,


Agency, Yorkshire

Dales National Park

Authority, National

Trust, Yorkshire

Dales Rivers Trust



North Yorkshire


Feasibility Stage,

2012 | 01302 337798 | 01675 437 750 | @JBAConsulting | JBA Consulting

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