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FSLT's Contribution

• A Health and Inequality programme delivered to the most disadvantaged communities across Fife, helping

FSLT engage effectively with what is considered by many to be a hard-to-reach population group

• Support given to Fife Council's Early Years Team to enable affordable and flexible childcare to be delivered

from three leisure facilities

• A 30% concessionary rate offered to over 60s not in work or individuals and families living on a

means-tested benefit

• Pre-school programmes delivered to accustom children to listen and take instruction from the class tutors

prior to them attending school

• Physical activity benefits delivered to support people with mental health problems

• A Daytime Active Gym and Swim membership package delivered for people on job seekers allowance or

employment support allowance to enable their confidence to grow prior to entering into employment

• Support given to young people to obtain workplace experience and raise awareness of career opportunities

• Outreach health classes delivered in disadvantaged areas to tackle long-term health conditions

• Health classes and social cafes in community settings established to reduce social isolation in older adults

to provide a better quality of life for individuals and their families

• Activity classes delivered to enable people to manage their long term health conditions and improve their

quality of life

FSLT's Contribution

• Over 350 sports clubs given access to FSLT facilities to keep young people off the streets, thereby

reducing potential levels of crime

• Partnership with Fife Council's Social Work Service to provide instructor-led physical activity sessions to

encourage offenders during their community payback order to feel confident back in their communities,

thereby helping to reduce levels of re-offending

• 14 facilities managed on behalf of Fife Council

• Activities and classes provided for all ages and abilities

• Affordable and accessible opening hours for sports and leisure facilities

• FSLT reserves invested in gyms to keep them attractive for all users

• Outreach opportunities provided where there is limited access to services

• Child protection training provided with appropriate procedures in place to safeguard young people and

vulnerable adults

• Older adults encouraged to participate in programmes and meet people to reduce social isolation

• Programmes provided to support individuals and their families living with dementia, thereby contributing

to a decent quality of life

• Training opportunities provided to staff on how to deal with and recognise customers with dementia

• Increase in target groups using sports and leisure facilities

Priority Theme

Opportunities for All

FSLT's Contribution to Fife Council's Plan4Fife

Priority Theme

Thriving Places


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