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Desired Outcome

Priority Progress

Desired Outcome

Priority Progress

Develop a skilled and

trained workforce

Maximise income streams

Manage and improve our

resources and processes

Seek new opportunities

Ensure a strong financial


Provide effective


Support staff to provide

high quality customer


Provide an appropriate

range of products and


Improve the quality of

customer service

Improve customer


All staff are trained and

resourced to meet the

needs of our customers

Become a more selfsufficient business

Become more efficient

Have a wide range of

services and activities

appropriate to the market

and resources of FSLT

FSLT have enough money

to be able to offer the

products and services it

deems appropriate to its


All staff are clear about the

direction of FSLT and their

contribution to it

Improve the level of

customer satisfaction

Maximise attendances

Delivery of products and

services people want

To be ahead of delivering

industry trends in Fife

Increase customer


A reduced number of

complaints relating to

customer service

Make it easier for customers

to do business with us

• 25 planned activities delivered within the Human

Resources Action Plan

• 60 Learning and Development activities delivered

within the Learning and Development Programme

• The introduction of a new Marketing Strategy

• Action Plans developed for the Leisure Active

Membership Scheme and Aquatics Programme

• New income stream initiatives developed which included

the introduction of on-site advertising, a Sales

Development Plan and the expansion of the Learn to

Swim Programme

• The introduction of a Branding Strategy

• A review of the administration resource within sport and

leisure facilities completed

• FSLT participated in a Fife Council Procurement initiative

for the provision of a new computerised Leisure

Information Management System

• The introduction of KPIs for the newly established Sport

and Physical Activity Team

• Periodic reviews were undertaken to ensure that the

activity programme remained fit for purpose with new

initiatives replacing low use activities

• A three year funding agreement (subject to Fife Council's

financial position) agreed with the local authority

• A review of the current Corporate Strategy 2017/20


• A review of the Chief Operating Officer's management

structure completed

• A new frontline services structure implemented

• 18 volunteers recruited to support the Health

and Wellbeing Team

• Summer Free Swim and Quid-a-Kid initiatives

delivered (£140k investment from Fife Council)

• 95 Health and Physical Activity classes

delivered each week

• Capital development projects undertaken at

Levenmouth Swimming Pool and Sports Centre

and Dalgety Bay Sports and Leisure Centre

(£1.35m investment from Fife Council)

• The Learn to Swim Programme expanded

• Continued with the online booking facility

• Refreshed FSLT's website

• Enhanced FSLT's social media sites

Strategic Objective 2. Improving the Customer Experience

Strategic Objective 1. Growing the Business.


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