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FSLT's Contribution

• Corporate Leisure Active membership package promoted to companies in Fife to encourage their workforce

to remain healthy and reduce sickness absence

• Daytime Leisure Active membership scheme promoted to encourage people to get back to the workplace

• Leisure facilities promoted as a tourist destination

• Young people offered the opportunity to work in casual positions with further prospects to obtain full-time

employment within FSLT

• Courses provided for people to gain their National Pool Lifeguard Qualification and future employment as a

pool lifeguard

• Workplace experience given to young people in secondary schools

• Work placements given for student nurses and physiotherapists to work within the Health and Wellbeing

Team to ensure they are able to fully understand the programmes that FSLT offers and which make a

positive impact to programme participants' health

• Contribution to the local economy as an employer and as a purchaser of services from local businesses

FSLT's Contribution

• Sports and leisure facilities at the heart of community life

• Investment in a leisure information management booking system to ensure that customers find it easy to

do business with FSLT

• Services provided within sports and leisure facilities to enable customers to have a single point of contact

• Partnership with many national and local organisations to deliver improved and essential services

• Staff investment through a structured learning and development programme with a key focus on positive

customer engagement

• Training provided to volunteers to support health and wellbeing classes

• Online resources available to market and promote the services which FSLT provides on behalf of Fife Council

• Opportunities provided for volunteers to work with FSLT

Priority Theme

Inclusive Growth and Jobs

Priority Theme

Community Led Services


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