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Desired Outcome

Priority Progress

Strategic Objective 3. Making a Difference

Fulfil our charitable status

Enhance the culture of

continuous improvement

Maintain a safe environment

for customers and staff

Deliver on our corporate

social responsibilities

Help inactive people

become active

Strengthen our partnership


FSLT complies with the seven

charitable objects

All staff make suggestions

for change and contribute to


Number of suggestions for

improvement implemented

Reduce incident and accident

levels for staff, customers and


To be known as a responsible

organisation which gives back

to staff and the community of


Increase the number of

inactive people using FSLT


Maintain and increase the

number of effective


• A review completed to ensure that FSLT complies

with its charitable objects

• An employee suggestion scheme - Making a

Difference (MAD) introduced

• A General Data Protection Regulations Compliance

Audit completed and an Action Plan developed

• Operational Plans implemented within sports and

leisure facilities

• Health and Safety plans implemented within

centres and FSLT headquarters

• Child Protection Guidelines, Procedures and

reporting mechanisms implemented

• Free use of facilities given to four charities to enable

fund-raising activities to take place for good causes

• A Health Inequalities Programme delivered

(£50k investment from Fife Council)

• £23k funding received from the Health and Social

Care Partnership to deliver physical activity

opportunities for people suffering from dementia

• A Social Café at Cowdenbeath Leisure

Centre established

• A bespoke programme of health and physical

activity classes delivered to promote the benefits

of physical activity and active lifestyles

• New state-of-the-art gym equipment installed at six

centres as part of a £1.1m FSLT investment plan

• 3,000 participants per month enjoying FSLT facilities

• Membership with Community Leisure UK

(formerly Sporta UK)

• Membership with Visit Scotland

• Membership with Fife Chamber of Commerce

• Close association with NHS Fife

• Close association with national governing bodies

and local sports clubs

• Close association with Health and Social Care


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