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5.2% increase in

which supports

customers with

discounted rates

Over 60s


up by 5.2%

This is the 8th

consecutive year

older adults have

been getting active in

increasing numbers

health and

physical activity


funding received from

Health and Social Care

to develop and deliver

dementia training

Active Options 2, a referral-based programme

for people living with long term health conditions,

attendances increased by 17.5%

l e i s u r e

m e m b e r s h i p

Leisure Active members an

increase of 8% above target

The Talented





a rise by

33.5%in usage

Attendances at Cardiac

Rehabilitation and

Active Options 2

classes increased by


classes delivered each

week, with more than

participants per month

enjoying FSLT's facilities


1,081,974wet-side attendances: an increase of 1.5%

Over 2.5 million

visits to our sports

and leisure facilities

An increase in attendances

at seven leisure facilities

l e i s u r e

m e m b e r s h i p

up by 59% with bookings

to the Trust's programmes

via the website up by 5.5%

Leisure Active


FSLT's work recognised

with a range or awards

and accreditations

including Visit Scotland's

3 / 4 star awards for four

sports and leisure facilities



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