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What would you like?

● We use countable and uncountable nouns to talk about food and


I have an orange. Matilda has two oranges.

Isaac has bread and milk for breakfast.

● We use would like to talk about our preferences for food and


Would you like apple juice or lemonade?

I'd like lemonade. ('d like = would like)

What would you like to have for lunch?

I'd like to have fried rice.

Gra�ar at a glance

Let's pr�fread

A Underline the mistakes and write the correct words in the blanks. Put

a tick (✓) if the sentence is correct.

1 Poppy eats a apple every day. 1

2 Mum needs a carrot and two tomatoes to 2

make dinner.

3 I would like some rices. 3

4 Look at the bowl. There are two egg in it. 4

5 Would you like cola or lemon tea? 5

6 Q: Miss Lee, would you like coffee or milk tea? 6

A: I'd like milk tea.

7 Q: Max, would you likes a hot dog or 7

a sandwich?

A: I'd like a hot dog.





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