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A Complete the email using the correct form of the words in the box.

You can use each item more than once.

and by how in take

be do you have any or teach

Dear Matthew,

How are you? Your cousin Grace gives me your email address. She's

my classmate. She says we can be good penfriends.

Let me tell you more about myself. My name is Tom. I live

1 Hong Kong. I'm a Primary 2 student. Every day,

I go to school 2 bus. 3 do you go to


My dad 4 a teacher. He 5 Maths in

a secondary school. My mum 6 a shopkeeper. She

7 care of a shoe shop. What 8 your

parents' jobs?

I have a sister. She's 13 years old. She goes to a secondary school

9 Wan Chai. A

brothers or sisters?

In my free time, I like playing sport. I like playing tennis

B basketball. I'm not very good at Visual Arts.

I can't draw very well 12 make nice crafts. What do

you like doing in your free time?

Best wishes,


Q12: Can you find the word 'not' in

the sentence?



Quiz 2


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