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Reading skill

Reading skill 4

Predicting the likely development of the topic ཫ಻˴ᕚ


To predict the likely development of the topic, we can:

1 find clues from the text or pictures

2 use our personal experiences or knowledge of the world.

The clues may be a thing, an action or time.

Example (Reading 4, Practice point, Question 2)

Last week, a boy called Jasper moved to our class. Our class teacher

said he was a good player in the basketball team in his old school.

Also, he can play chess and the ukulele well. However, he is shy and

does not have any friends to play with. I feel sorry for him. Perhaps

I can be his first friend. I'll keep you posted on this next time!

Posted on 8 September, 8:29 p.m.

2 What is the blogger likely to talk about in the next blog entry?

A Jasper's friends from his old school

B the blogger having a ukulele lesson

C the blogger joining a basketball team

D the blogger playing chess with Jasper

1 Find clues from the text. The blogger feels sorry for Jasper

because he does not have any friends to play with. He says,

'Perhaps I can be his first friend'.

2 Use our personal experiences. The blogger wants to make friends

with Jasper. This means he is going to do something together

with him. Therefore, we need to look for an activity that the

blogger does together with Jasper.

(Answer: D)



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