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A Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the boxes.

delicious heavy quick

1 The workers are moving a box to the lorry.

2 Mary was late. She got up and got dressed .

3 Let's go to this restaurant. Its food is than the

Italian restaurant's.

B Look at Pictures (a)-(c) and the prompt words. Match the people, things or

actions with the correct form of the words in the box. Then think of some phrases

with adjectives or adverbs of manner for Picture (d).

angry careless colourful

funny loud quiet

Picture (a)

• a princess

• walked

Picture (b)

• snored

• a stone

Picture (c)

• dropped

• roared

Picture (d)

We usually use an

adverb of manner

after a verb or a

verb phrase.


Writing skill 1 Using adjectives and adverbs of manner

Adjectives and adverbs of manner can make a description more interesting to read:

1 We can use adjectives to describe people and things, e.g.

The orange cat is sleeping under a tall tree.

The toy train is more expensive than the key ring, but the watch is the most expensive.

2 We can use adverbs of manner to describe verbs, e.g.

He walked slowly into the room.

Mary came to school early this morning.



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