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Part 1: Read aloud

Speaking skill 1 Using pauses in a sentence

We add pauses in and between sentences to help people understand what

we say. We usually use pauses (/) after some punctuation marks and before

words like 'and', 'because' and 'so'.

A Listen to the recording and pay attention to the pauses. Then repeat

after it.

1 Last Saturday morning, / I went cycling with my sister.

2 It was hot. / I turned on the fan.

3 Jane wanted to have a pet / and she asked

her parents every Christmas.

B Listen to the recording and add pauses (/) to the sentences. Then

repeat after it.

1 I want to buy a packet of potato crisps, some cupcakes and three

bottles of orange juice.

2 Adrian said, 'I opened the window because it's too hot inside.'

3 Isabella was tired, so she did not go to the new supermarket with

her grandparents.

C Add pauses (/) to the following text and read it aloud. Then listen to

the demonstration.

In the shopping centre

Mum took me to the shopping centre because I needed a

coat. She chose a green one for me, but I liked a red one

with a rabbit on it better. I tried it on and it looked great!

'Let's buy this one then,' Mum said.

After that, we watched an interesting film in the cinema

on the fifth floor. It was wonderful!

When 'and' is used to link

two complete sentences or

list things, we usually add

a pause before it.

Tips The pause after a full

stop, question mark or

exclamation mark is

slightly longer than that

before a comma.




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