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A whole new world!

Do you want to turn your ideas into something real and sell them to

people? Are you interested in trying out others' fun ideas? Visit our

online shop at Here are some of our latest hits!

In-ear Translator (by Simon Lau)

You want to talk to a French lady but you can't

speak French? Now you can! Just put on this pair of

earpieces. The translator will translate the lady's words

into your own language and help you reply in French.

It can translate 155 languages.

Petmate (by Matt Chiu)

For pet owners, Petmate is a must-have. When your cat

is hungry, this robot will have the food and water ready

in 30 seconds. When your dog is bored, it can play ball

games with it. Petmate can even clean the fish tank!

Yum Yum Alarm Clock (by Winnie Wu)

We all know how easy it is to turn off the alarm clock

when it rings. Now, you have one that gives out

pleasant smells and makes you want to get out of

bed. When you set the alarm, you can choose what

aroma you want to wake you up. Pancake, toast or

coffee? It's your call!

★ Visit our online shop for a full list of creative products on sale.

For each purchase over $2,000, you can get an extra $200 off!

★ Do you have any ideas for new inventions? Write to!






Price: $1,760

Price: $2,030

Price: $550



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