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Solitude seekers can boost their

batteries in the adult's only retreat,

The Sanctuary. Or indulge in some

pampering at the Lotus Spa and salon.

Perhaps you'll be tempted by a youthenhancing

facial or a rejuvenating

ocean body wrap?

There are up to 40 classes on every

cruise, take a Culinary Arts course

or Wine Tasting seminar. For more

active travellers join a Zumba class,

or take things at your own pace at the

gym. Improve your swing at a golf

simulator, play ping pong, or stroll

around our boutiques for incredible

tax and duty free savings.


Princess Cruises is setting sail for delicious new destinations with the introduction

of "Chocolate Journeys," an industry-fi rst, premium chocolate experience onboard.

The programme, which debuts on Regal Princess in the Caribbean this autumn,

will o� er guests a variety of opportunities to taste the inspired creations crafted

by one of the world's foremost experts in chocolate, Norman Love.

Providing a fantastic array of venues

with food freshly prepared from

scratch onboard every day, is at the

heart of what we do. You'll always recall

that night in the Crown Grill where

you were served the most tender steak

you'd ever eaten. You'll share with

friends the tale of the pepperoni pizza

from Alfredo's that was the best at sea.

You'll fondly remember the authentic

Ravioli di Ricotta e Tartufo you devoured

in Sabatini's. Just a fl avour of the new

culinary experiences you can discover.

With multiple venues showcasing

di� erent acts you can choose to take

a spin in the ballroom, catch a standup comedy

act, or sing a song in the

karaoke lounge. Fancy a fl utter? Call

in at the casino - we have some of the

largest casinos afl oat including slots,

table games and bingo. Still have some

energy? Then dance the night away at

a club. And don't forget 24 hour room

service should you wish to relax back

in your stateroom.

As unforgettable as the sights may be, your Princess ship

promises to be the best destination of all. From your

stateroom steward who greets you by name each morning

through to the delicious dinners and dazzling musicals

afterward, it's the perfect fl oating home away from home

from which to enjoy the wonders of the world. So unpack,

unwind, make yourself at home.





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