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The spa garden trail is designed to allow you to take

a moment from everyday stresses and strains of the

day and embrace complete mindfulness in a tranquil

environment that will stimulate your senses and take

you a step towards total wellbeing.

Make your way through the door and follow the path towards

the scented rose garden. Your senses are immediately

aroused and infused with the gentle blend of soft rose

aromas that drift along on the breeze, close your eyes for

a moment and inhale deeply. Hear the crystal clear flow of

water as it bounces down the water feature while you

slowly exhale.

Continue your journey past the Great Lawn down towards the

Sunken Garden, where the only sound is the gentle ripple of

the Lily Pond which is orchestrated in harmony with nature's

songbirds. Take a moment to admire the Gingko Bilbao tree

famous for its medicinal properties and marvel at the power

of nature.

Wander towards the back of the garden and discover the

delightful shady Rock Garden that features gentle flowing

waterfalls and a wooden bridge over the small pond. At the

very far end, beyond a rough lawn, is a thick blackberry

hedge, retained at the insistence of the chef.

Here you can soak up the magnificent views stretching out

across the Warwickshire countryside; you won't be able to

resist taking a moment to sit in contemplation.

Hear every sound. Smell every scent. Feel every emotion.

See everything. Take pleasure in your senses.


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