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Amble down the Peony walk and as you pass under the Hazel

archway slowly make your way round to the Chef's Vegetable

garden. Here the gardeners invite you to walk through

the poly tunnel and enjoy the scent and touch of Lemon

Verbena or Rose Geranium as you brush past. Perhaps take

a moment to identify some of the ingredients on his menu

(please close doors at either end)

As you walk through the garden prepare your senses

to be amazed at the sight and smell of the glorious

herbaceous borders. Take your time to explore the

magnificence of nature in all its glory. You may want

to amble through the beautiful rose archways that run

alongside the original garden wall, whilst you take in the

huge variety of sensual herbs.

We invite you to leisurely explore the gardens as you

complete your mindful walk.


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