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(32 marks)

Part 1 (10 marks @ 2 marks)

Write your answers (A, B, C or D) in the below.

Grace is visiting a library and listening to a librarian's talk. Listen carefully and

choose the best answers for Questions 1-5. You have 30 seconds to study the questions.

You may start now.

1 How many items are there in Jolly Library?

A about 15,000

B less than 30,000

C more than 50,000

D over 80,000

2 When does Jolly Library organize activities for children?

A after school every day

B during the school holidays

C every Friday

D every Saturday

3 What books are the most popular in Jolly Library?

A children's books

B fiction books

C non-fiction books

D reference books

4 Grace can use a library computer for up to each day.

A fifteen minutes

B half an hour

C one hour

D two hours

5 What does Christy invite people to do at the end of her talk?

A to apply for the library card

B to borrow books

C to look around the library by themselves

D to use the computers

Section A Listening

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