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Part 3

29 Why did Aunt Becky NOT sleep well last night?

A It was noisy outside.

B She was busy preparing for the interview.

C She was so excited because she got a job.

D She was worried about the interview.

30 In paragraph 2, what does 'polished' mean?

A cleaned something to make it look shiny C showed something to someone

B looked at something D tried something on

31 What did Aunt Becky wear for the interview?


32 What did Aunt Becky do before she left home for the interview?

A She called her mum. C She cleaned her shoes.

B She checked her handbag. D She wrote a blog entry.

33 According to paragraph 3, which of the following is NOT true?

A Aunt Becky performed well in the interview.

B Aunt Becky spent about half an hour in the park.

C Aunt Becky went to the office building on foot.

D Journey Magazine Company is on the eighth floor.

34 Why does Aunt Becky really want the job?

A She will have a high position in this company.

B She would like to work for a travel magazine.

C The company is close to her home.

D The company offers good salary.

35 Grace is sending a message to her aunt. Read the blog entry on p. 6 and help her complete

Aunt Becky, I just read your blog entry. It's great that you had an interview for your dream

job as an (i) . Are you still waiting for the (ii) ? Good luck. I'm sure

you'll make your dream come true.

the message. Use only ONE word for each blank. Make sure your answers are grammatically




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