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T Test point

Look at Pictures (a) to (d) on p. 44. Then read the questions in the table below and

fill in the blanks.

At the campsite (an email)

Picture (a)

1 After you arrived at the campsite, what did you and Jane do? How did

you feel?

After we arrived at the campsite, Jane and I

on the grass. We were .

Picture (b)

2 What did Mum and Dad do?

Mum and Dad prepared at the barbecue pit.

3 What were on the table?

There were on the

table. There were cans of too.

Picture (c)

4 What did Jane and you see?

Suddenly, Jane and I .

5 What did you do? How did you feel?

and my face


because I felt .

6 What did Jane do?

Jane immediately.

What happened next?

7 What did Dad do and how did he feel?

Think about

how Dad would

react. Then find

some adjectives to

describe his feelings.



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