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L Learning point

We use connectives to link ideas. To figure out how one idea relates to another,

we need to listen for the suitable connectives. Below are some connectives we

should pay attention to when we listen to the recording:

Connective Use

because show causes and reasons

so show effects and results

before show things happening earlier

after show things happening later

Sometimes, we may have to infer the connection between the ideas by

understanding the logical relationship between them without the help of


P Practice point

Fiona is listening to a talk. Listen carefully and choose the best answers

for Questions 1-3. Write A, B, C or D in the boxes. You have 20 seconds

to study the questions. You may start now.

1 Why did Joseph want to become a doctor when he was young?

A He had a vision to help the patients.

B He studied medicine at university.

C He wanted to work in a hospital.

D He was patient.

2 Before Joseph took a test, he .

A could always sleep well

B finished his homework first

C studied hard

D went to bed very early

3 Joseph went to work in Hong Kong Children's Hospital because .

A children made him strong and happy

B he felt bored when he worked in a public hospital

C he wanted to make ill children healthy and happy again

D it was a new hospital


What did Joseph do the

night before he took a test?

Listening 1

Understanding connection between




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