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T Test point

Sarah is reading the contents page of a magazine. Read it carefully. Choose the

best answers for Questions 1-5. Write A, B, C or D in the boxes. Then complete

Question 6. (12 marks @ 2 marks)

Teenage World

page 2 Cover story: The Hong Kong Observatory

page 6 What are earthquakes?

Why do earthquakes happen? Why do some places experience them

more often than Hong Kong? How should people prepare for them?

Read this interview with Dr Ken Tsang, a geologist, to gain some

insights into the topic.

page 9 Create your own web page

It is fun to share what you like with your friends on a web page, but

how can you set up one? Read this article to learn how to chat on

message boards, create photo albums and post interesting stories about

your daily life.

page 14 Attention, food lovers!

page 16 Game review: Super Chef

In this latest mobile game, players are as busy as bees when they run

a restaurant. The customers flood in from different entrances and

players have to cook for them quickly. This review tells you what is

attractive about this game and provides useful tips on how to make

more money in the game.

In this cover story, you can know more about making weather forecasts

and the warning systems of rainstorms, typhoons and landslips in

Hong Kong. You can also learn how the weather equipment works.

In this issue, our reporter takes you to Iris's Dessert House. In this

elegantly decorated dessert cafe, you can choose from more than

40 kinds of tasty frozen desserts and cakes. We have some cash

coupons for you on selected desserts (see page 15).

Vocabulary station

geologist (n.): a scientist who studies about the earth

insight (n.): an understanding of what something is like

elegantly (adv.): in a way that is attractive and shows a good sense of style

Issue 22

18 Nov 20XX



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