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Date 232323

1 What can you see in Jenny's winning painting?

A her father with a book

B her father with a picture

C her mother in the street

D her mother on a chair

2 In paragraph 2, what does 'it' refer to?

A a novel

B Jenny's winning work

C the favourite chair of Jenny's father

D the Hong Kong Painting Award

3 Jenny often spends time standing in the street because .

A she is free

B she likes talking to strangers

C she wants to gain some ideas for drawing people

D she wants to observe the beautiful view of the street

4 How does Jenny feel about painting the sea?

A amused

B bored

C lonely

D relaxed

5 Jenny mostly feels after she finishes a painting.

A amazed

B confident

C excited

D touched

6 Read the article. Arrange how Jenny learnt painting in the correct order.

A attending painting classes

B copying some paintings

C learning painting from her father

D studying Visual Arts overseas

Write A, B, C or D in the boxes.

How does Jenny describe her

experience of painting the sea?



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