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(32 marks)

Part 1 (10 marks @ 2 marks)

Write your answers (A, B, C or D) in the below.

Jenny is listening to some radio advertisements. Listen carefully and choose the best

answers for Questions 1-5. You have 30 seconds to study the questions. You may start


1 Which of the following is TRUE about Smart Electronics?

A It does not offer any refund.

B It offers the lowest prices in the city.

C It only sells fridges and smartphones.

D People cannot find its shop in the New Territories.

2 How many shops does Smart Electronics have in Hong Kong?

A 12

B 20

C 21

D 31

3 Customers can enjoy a 10% discount on during the sale at ABC Bookshop.

A books


C magazines

D pencils

4 ABC Bookshop will extend its opening hours next weekend because it wants to .

A allow more people to come to the sale

B hold some sharing sessions during the sale

C offer more discounts towards the end of the sale

D recruit more new members from the sale

5 How does Easy Travel help people who like to travel by themselves?

A arranging package tours

B reserving hotel rooms

C offering guided tours to theme parks

D providing maps of different parts of the world

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