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Locating specific information in texts

L Learning point

To find out who or what a reference word refers to, we should:

1 figure out if it is the subject or the object, and if it is singular or plural.

2 try different options by replacing the word with a likely person or thing.

3 check to make sure that the sentence is grammatically correct and still makes


(e.g.) Joanna went to the Lunar New Year Fair at Victoria Park with her

classmates. It was crowded. There were a lot of stalls. She bought some

flowers for decorating her home. They were colourful and beautiful.

In line 3, the word 'They' refers to .

A Joanna's classmates C the flowers

B Joanna's home D the stalls C

The word 'They' is a plural subject. Option B is not correct because it is singular.

When we read the sentence before, we know that 'colourful' and 'beautiful' are

used to describe the flowers which Joanna bought. They are not used to describe

her classmates or the stalls.

P Practice point

Read the texts carefully. Choose the best answers for Questions 1-6. Write A, B, C

or D in the boxes.

the first day of the public sale. Thanks for the support from our fans and we'll

certainly give them a good show.'

Yoyo Boys will have their first concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum from 15 to 18

October. The band will fly to Seoul in September for a two-week

dance training.

'It'll be a tough one since we'll have different types of dance classes from 9 a.m.

to 9 p.m.' said Wilson, the lead singer. 'All concert tickets were sold out on


1 In line 3, what does 'It' refer to?

A Seoul C the concert

B the band D the dance training

2 In line 6, the word 'them' refers to .

A the dance classes C the Hong Kong Coliseum

B the fans of Yoyo Boys D Yoyo Boys

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