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Part 3

29 John likes Easter best mainly because .

A he can eat a lot of chocolate eggs

B he can go for an Easter egg hunt

C the Easter Bunny is lovely

D the Easter decorations are beautiful

30 In paragraph 2, what does 'them' refer to?

A Easter eggs C simple questions

B Jenny's family D small pieces of papers

31 When John wants to eat his favourite snacks, he can look for them .

A in the cupboard C next to the TV

B in the fridge D on the sofa

32 What was the use of the questions in the Easter egg hunt?

A to give John a test

B to guide John to find the eggs

C to know more about John

D to stop John from finding the eggs

33 When John fell on the ground, he felt .

A annoyed

B disappointed

C pain

D shocked

34 What will Carol do in the coming summer holidays?

A eat chocolate eggs

B go swimming

C travel in the UK

D visit relatives

35 Read Carol's email on p. 6. Arrange the places John went to during the Easter egg hunt in the

A backyard

B bathroom

C kitchen

D sitting room

correct order. Write A, B, C or D in the boxes in the answer booklet.



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