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T Test point

Patrick is reading a leaflet about a charity. Read it carefully. Choose the best

answers for Questions 1-5. Write A, B, C or D in the boxes. Then complete Question 6.

(12 marks @ 2 marks)


Every year, a large number of children in Africa die from different diseases.

Helping Africa needs help in saving the children's lives.

Helping Africa was set up by a group of doctors, nurses and volunteers in 1989.

Helping Africa helps children in Africa like Arjana. Arjana is eight years old and

she lives in a small village with her mother and two elder brothers in Libya.

When she was five, her father was killed in a war. As the war continues, Arjana

and her two brothers do not have enough food and clean drinking water.

Therefore, they always starve and get sick.

When Arjana's mother brought Arjana to our clinic, she was extremely weak. Her

mother told our doctor that Arjana did not eat anything in the past two days.

After Arjana drank some water from a river, she felt dizzy, had a stomach ache

and later started having a fever. Luckily, she arrived at our clinic just in time to

have medical treatment. After Arjana fully recovered from her illness, her mother

received some emergency food kits from us and they returned home together.

Your support is very important to children like Arjana and other people in Africa.

Our aim is to provide medicine and medical treatment to children in Africa. We

also help people in Africa build more local clinics and hospitals and provide them

with emergency support.

You can make a donation by sending us a cheque or making a bank transfer. You

can also do it online with your credit card. Please visit for

more details. Remember: your action will make a great impact on the children in


Helping Africa

Vocabulary station

treatment (n.): something that is done to make a person recover from

an illness or injury

starve (v.): suffer because you do not have enough food to eat

extremely (adv.): very

Vocabulary station



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