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L Learning point

The main idea is the most important point about a topic. It is usually the first


Before listening, we should underline the keywords in the options.

(e.g.) Anna's sharing is about .

A a book C Christmas

B an adventure D Santa Claus A

While listening, pay attention to the topic sentence. Then listen to the related

details to understand the main idea.

Anna: Today, I'd like to share with you a book called Sarah's Christmas

Adventure. In this book, Sarah starts a journey to find Santa Claus.

Some exciting things happen and she learns the true meaning of giving

and sharing.

From the topic sentence, we know Anna's sharing is about a book. The details in

the next sentences are about the content of the book. Topic sentence

P Practice point

Martin is listening to a radio phone-in programme. Listen carefully and

choose the best answers for Questions 1-3. Write A, B, C or D in the

boxes. You have 20 seconds to study the questions. You may start now.

1 What is Exploring Hong Kong about?

A day trips in Hong Kong

B food in Hong Kong

C people in Hong Kong

D places in Hong Kong

2 May's phone call is about a .

A film C flower shop

B flower class D restaurant

3 What is the purpose of Sam's phone call?

A to ask people not to buy cakes from Happy Bakery

B to comment on the cakes sold in Happy Bakery

C to complain about the staff members in Happy Bakery

D to offer suggestions to Happy Bakery


Remember to listen

to the topic sentence.

What can people

do at The Floral World?

Listening 1 Listening for main ideas



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