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Date 313131

1 Which of the following is TRUE when Ryan left school?

A He called his parents.

B He left school without his umbrella.

C He went home with his parents.

D The rain was not heavy.

2 Why did Ryan NOT go home immediately after he left school?

A He got lost. C The wind was too strong.

B He watched a film. D There was a traffic jam.

3 An Adventure to Amazon Rainforest is a .

A comedy C horror film

B fantasy film D science fiction film

4 How did Ryan's mum feel when Ryan called back?

A angry C tired

B relaxed D touched

5 In paragraph 5, 'raging' means .

A powerful

B unexpected

C upcoming

D weak

6 Ryan learnt a lesson today. What do you think would happen to Ryan?

A disagree with what Alan said

B go home right away

C use a stronger umbrella

D watch a shorter film in the cinema

7 When did Ryan do the following things? Match the time with the activities.

Write A, B, C or D in the boxes.

A 12 noon

B 12:45 p.m.

C 2:15 p.m.

D 2:40 p.m.

He would when there was a typhoon.

What action did Ryan think that he

should have taken when there was a typhoon?

(i) (ii)



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