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Part 2 (12 marks)

Jenny is reading the editor's note in the school newspaper. Read it carefully. Choose the best

answers for Questions 23-27 and complete Question 28.

Oxford Primary School Newspaper

Issue 27

Editor's note

as getting up on time in the morning. A good goal should be clear and possible

to achieve. Once you have set your goals, come up with a plan on how to achieve

them. It is also important to check your progress in achieving the goals.

Another thing you may want to do is to join a school club. It helps you develop

your talents and start new hobbies. Joining school clubs allow you to take a break

from your studies and make new friends. There are various clubs in our school.

You can select those you are interested in. For example, if you are good at

playing chess, you can join the chess club. However, you can also choose to join

a club that you know little about. You will be surprised by how much you learn

from the club.

Finally, most students are busy with their studies. Whenever you feel frustrated or

stressed, remember to share your feelings with others. You can ask your

classmates for support. You can also seek help from teachers, parents or the

school social worker.

Try what I suggest and have a wonderful school year!

Annie Lam

Welcome back to school! I hope your summer holidays were great. School has

started for two weeks. Do you want to make this school year more fruitful and

enjoyable? I recommend you to do three things.

The beginning of the school year is the perfect time for setting goals. Setting

goals allows you to focus on the things that you want to accomplish this year.

Your goals do not have to be related to studies. They can be something as simple



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