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4 BOOK NOW to get the best prices and best deals for summer 2020

sailings on MSC cruises with a FREE upgrade to a balcony stateroom.

Plus you will receive:

• FREE prepaid on-board gratuities

• Bottled mineral water

• Speciality coffees on board.

Check out our Med 2020 offer on the fabulous

MSC Seaview from Majorca and I am sure you will

agree it is unbeatable value for money - from

just £799pp for 10 nights and a FREE upgrade to

a balcony stateroom. Perhaps go one step further

and add an all-inclusive drinks package on board

from only £27pp per day making the all-inclusive

cruise concept extremely affordable.

The MSC loyalty club is one of the most attractive on the market - not only for the

benefits of being a member but also because of their Status Match programme.

Did you know that if you have a valid loyalty club membership with another

cruise line, hotel group or tour operator MSC will match your existing level of

benefit to the equivalent level with MSC Voyagers Club. This matches the level

of status on your MSC cruise to that which you have enjoyed with the cruise line

you regularly cruise with.

Once you have joined MSC Voyager's Club you can get a 5% discount off the

cruise element price for any future bookings. Plus, further benefits with the

tiered Classic, Silver, Gold or Black membership levels providing a spectacular

range of on-board privileges.

Get The Best

If you are a Black tier member

(the top tier) you will also receive:

● Priority boarding and disembarkation

● Late stateroom check out

● An invitation to a Black card member

party on-board

● Complimentary sparkling wine with

chocolate dipped fruit

● A free one-hour thermal area session

in the MSC Aurea Spa.

....And membership is absolutely free!

Black Tier Members

Just 65 miles from the coast of Miami, Florida, Ocean

Cay MSC Marine Reserve is a previous industrial sand

extraction site that has been restored to a pristine

piece of land in the Bimini chain of islands in the

western Bahamas. The 120-square-acre restored island

is surrounded by a 64-square-mile marine reserve and

four smaller cays.

The first guests will step onto the island on November

9, 2019. The private island and marine reserve

will immerse guests in the natural beauty of their

surroundings with white sand beaches, beautiful

blue water and lush Bahamian greenery. Guests can

seamlessly pass directly between the ship and island

throughout the day and evening to take advantage of

all of the facilities available onboard and ashore.

The island's key areas include:

• Many of the Island's unique beaches including the

Great Lagoon Beach: Located in an inlet at the center

of the island, this is the largest single beach area

and offers a haven with shallow crystal-clear water

perfect for swimming and water sports.

• The iconic Lighthouse: A striking 30m tall landmark

that is home to a Hemingway-style bar and a terrace

where guests can take in the incredible sea view,

have a cocktail, and enjoy live music. After sunset,

guests can gather to watch a breath-taking light


• Seakers Food Court: A buffet restaurant that

offers freshly prepared meals from a variety of

international culinary traditions.

• Ice Cream Parlour: An ice cream shop and café that

serves a wide variety of ice cream flavors and coffee

drinks, the perfect cooldown just a short stroll from

the nearby beach.

Ocean Cay is founded on a deep commitment to

ecological principles - beliefs that shape everything

from how venues are built, to how the island is run,

to the kinds of activities featured on the island. One

of the priorities for MSC Cruises on Ocean Cay is the

restoration of the coral. An integral part of the marine

ecosystem, coral needs to be protected as they ensure

biodiversity, provide a habitat for marine life and

protect coastlines.

From November 2019, all MSC Cruises ships from

Miami will call at Ocean Cay as part of the Caribbean

itineraries. See our offer on page 14.

MSC Fleet Expansion

MSC Cruises is the world's largest privately-owned cruise line and the

number one cruise line in Europe. They are also the fastest growing

cruise line sailing the seven seas and are part of one of the biggest

shipping companies in the world. The cruise line arm of this global

shipping company benefits from this expertise, global infrastructure and

cost savings in ways that most other cruise lines cannot compete with.

This directly translates into much more flexibility, choice and lower prices

for the cruise passenger.

MSC have an ambitious ship building project planned over the next

decade which started with the launch of MSC Meraviglia in June 2017,

followed by MSC Seaside in December 2017 and MSC Seaview in June

2018. This year saw the launch of MSC Bellissima (sister ship to MSC

Meraviglia) named in Southampton by Sophia Loren and in November

we will see the third launch of this class of the ship - MSC Grandiosa.

Plus, the construction of MSC Virtuosa is already well underway and MSC

Seashore (sister ship to the amazing MSC Seaside and Seaview) is already

on sale making her debut in the Med during June 2021. A further six

ships will be delivered by 2026 including four World Class 200,000 tonne

futuristic looking ships.


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