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Call in to see us at our cruise centre at High Barnet (London) conveniently situated

immediately opposite High Barnet London Underground station at the end of

the Northern Line. We are open 7 days a week - perfect for when you are in town,

after work or at weekends!

Meet our team of experienced cruise

consultants face to face who are waiting

to source your next cruise holiday at an

amazing price. Our trained advisors are

here to tell you all about our vast range

of cruise holiday combinations available

or tailor make your own bespoke cruise

holiday itinerary.

We have kitted them out with the latest

technology so you can really get to

experience your cruise holiday from the

selection and booking process all the way

through to ticketing and embarkation.

A really exciting development is our

interactive experience and cinema room

where we will be hosting events throughout

the year, showcasing specific cruises, running

talks from cruise lines, featuring destination

tourist boards and showing footage of cruise

ships and ports of call.

Our High Barnet Cruise Centre is the ideal

place for anyone that prefers personal

face to face contact when choosing a

cruise. Our specialist team are ready &

waiting (iPads in hand) to help you choose

your dream cruise holiday.

We look forward to seeing you here!




Visit our cruise experts for that personal touch

Summer is just around the corner and with it,

for many, comes dreams of adventures in

exotic lands or being up close and personal to

breathtaking sights. Perhaps of lazy waves lapping

on a fine sand beach and the evening chorus of

cicadas serenading nightlife that does not require

a coat. Bargains for the early part of summer have

all but gone with the best of the Med deals are now

available in October or November - when flights

have not yet been booked too heavily. So there

is still time to make the above dreams come true

without having to travel too far and pay too much.

Alternatively cruise from the UK without the

need to fly and so avoid booked up flights where

higher flight prices offset last minute bargains on

your chosen cruise. Check out what we feel are

the best of the bunch of budget busting no flying

cruises on Cruise & Maritime or P&O Cruises.

Perhaps enjoy the milder summer weather in

the UK and save your holiday time and money to

extend the sunshine and warm weather into the

winter months. South America is the perfect winter

destination for this, instantly changing winter into

summer while sailing the route of famous explorers

such as Drake, Darwin and Magellan.

In our May edition of Cruise Ahoy we aim to cater

for all options to give you the best value for money

on both land and at sea in one holiday - whenever

you want to travel. Currently Caribbean cruises

seem to be flying off the shelves and we have

some excellent cruise holidays still available over

Christmas and the New Year. We even have the

chance to spend Christmas in the Caribbean and

the New Year in New York without having to fly!

Look out for brand new ships, all-inclusive deals

and multiple experiences in one holiday which you

may never have thought possible.

Our destination focus this month is Hawaii. This is

the destination of the decades starting with the

epic wartime battle of Pearl Harbour in 1941 and

cheesy Elvis movies of the fifties & sixties. The

original Hawaii 5-0 series dominated the seventies

while everyone swooned over Magnum PI in the

eighties whether it was the Ferrari or Tom Selleck

himself. Then more recently as the legendary

home of the Jurassic Park trilogy of the nineties -

Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna which was actually filmed

on Kauai.

At sea have a moonlight stroll on the promenade

deck after dinner, sip fine cocktails in jazzy

surroundings - James Bond style and soak up

sunset sail-aways with a glass of champagne in

hand dancing on deck. On land - do the Rumba in

Cuba, board the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour

or breathe in the roaring freshness of the falls.

Get banged up in Alcatraz, roll the dice and spin

the wheel in Vegas or go in search of the big five on

safari in Africa. Perhaps snuggle up in your sleeper

bunk and pack away your Miami Vice espadrilles on

the overnight Express to Washington DC. Imagine

the roar to the crowds in the Coliseum giving the

thumbs up or down. Or trek through the rainforest

of St Lucia in search of a refreshing waterfall.

It's all here!

The Jetline Cruise Team



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