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subsequently became the African Cancer Registry Network

(AFCRN). As part of the Global Initiative for Cancer Registry

Development in LMICs, the Network acts as a consortium to

provide a "regional hub" for cancer registries in sub-Saharan

Africa. The AFCRN is supporting or assisting the development

of 22 cancer registries in the region, including English-and

French-speaking countries.

J Provision of training courses in cancer registration and the

use of CanReg 5.

J Participation in collaborative international research.

J Visits of INCTR consultants to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to

review cancer registration procedures and data quality and to

Uganda to offer advice on setting up a cancer registry.

Clinical research

J The treatment and characterization of acute Lymphoblastic

Leukemia in children, adolescents and young adults in India -

over 450 patients have been treated by four institutions.

J The treatment and characterization of Burkitt Lymphoma

- over 750 patients have been treated by seven centres in

Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya and

Tanzania. Survival is greater than 60% at 5 years.

J Understanding problems faced by parents of children with

Retinoblastoma before treatment - 435 parents interviewed

from institutions in 10 countries in Latin America, Asia and


J Situational analysis of breast cancer - 8,800 medical records

of women treated for breast cancer in four institutions in

Peru, Egypt, Pakistan and India.

J Studies carried out in Brazil, India, Pakistan and Turkey to

determine delays in diagnosing and treating nasopharyngeal

carcinoma and assess the role of consanguinity and familial

history in this cancer.

J A new initiative to characterize the lymphoproliferative

diseases in adults in Senegal with initiated in partnership with

Universities in Dakar.

J Development of a pathological and radiological review for

Brazilian patients with medulloblastoma in partnership with the

Brazilian Society of Paediatric Oncology.


J Accreditation Programme in the conduct of clinical trials in

institutions in Brazil.

J Educating school children about cancer in Nepal.

J Evidence-based development through preparation of

bibliographies of published literature from developing

countries relevant to breast cancer and selected cancers in


J Open Educational Resources for Cancer available online.

J Thematic workshops to discuss challenges in cancer control

in East Africa.

J Webinars for e-learning.

J Publication of five annual editions of Cancer Control from

2013, with specialist healthcare publisher, Global Health

Dynamics, looking at all aspects of cancer policy, prevention,

detection, treatment and palliation.

Palliative care

J Training and educating healthcare professionals - doctors,

nurses and social workers in the principles of palliative care

- in Brazil, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Sénégal, Mali, Tanzania,

India and Nepal.

J Sensitization workshops for government officials and the

public in Brazil, Tanzania, India and Nepal.

J Development of a centre of excellence in palliative care for

both adults and children in Hyderabad, India.

J Lobbying governments to improve access to opioids for

terminally-ill cancer patients - Nepal and India.

J Establishment of twinning programmes with hospices in

Canada that support palliative care efforts in Nepal.

J Fostering the establishment of palliative care societies - in

Nepal and Pakistan.

J Promoting paediatric palliative care in Pakistan.

J Publishing a palliative care handbook describing the

management of a wide variety of symptoms in English,

Portuguese, French and Turkish.

J Development of the "Life at Your Doorstep" home care

programme offering extensive, 24/7 support for patients and

families struggling with advanced and terminal illness in the

cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

J Organized training course for Francophone sub-Saharan

Africa in Uganda. This was led by HASPF and the Institute

of Hospice and Palliative care in Africa with expert input

by Hospice Africa Uganda and Alliance Mondial Contre le


J Palliative care workshops and training courses for

Francophone sub-Saharan Africa organized by AMCC in

partnership with AFSO were held in Uganda and Ivory Coast.

J Establishment of palliative care centres of reference and

training in sub-Saharan Francophone Africa (Mali, Cameroon,

Ivory Coast).

J Canadian branch provides training in India for St Mary

Hospital in palliative care and fosters a collaborative approach

between palliative care and health care in Nepal.

J Development of palliative care programme in Rajasthan,


Paediatric oncology

J Establishment of centres of reference for the treatment of

retinoblastoma - Mali and Democratic Republic of Congo.

J Mentoring of Indian paediatric oncologists in the


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