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development of a common treatment protocol for Wilms


J Conducting workshops and symposia on topics of relevance

in developing countries.

J Promotion of the establishment of paediatric oncology

societies - Philippines and Pakistan.

J Development of a centre of excellence in paediatric oncology

at the Santa Marcelina Hospital/TUCCA in São Paulo, Brazil.

J Conducting a campaign for the early diagnosis of

retinoblastoma including, but not limited to, the translation

of a film showing a child with early retinoblastoma into 12

languages and distributing the film around the world (Brazil);

development and wide dissemination and display of posters

(Mexico and Brazil); and establishment of a retinoblastoma

day (Turkey and Brazil).

J Ophthalmology nurses from the Democratic Republic of

Congo trained in France to fit prosthetic eyes following

enucleation (surgical removal of the eye) for the treatment of



J Central pathology review of Burkitt Lymphoma in institutions

participating in the treatment protocol for this disease in


J Training and education workshops for pathologists and


J Training and education workshops for technicians and

pathologists in techniques to improve diagnostic capabilities.

J Use of iPath - an internet telepathology programme - for

consultation, training and education.

J Provision of training and education of haematopathologists

in Francophone African countries (Cameroon, Democratic

Republic of Congo, Sénégal).

J "What can we learn from Africa" pathology workshop

held in Arusha, Tanzania for pathologists from Senegal,

Benin and Democratic Republic of Congo to improve

the ability of African haemato-pathologists to diagnose

haematopathologocal neoplasms using the World Health

Organization Classification.

J Setting up of a project to characterize lymphoproliferative

disorders in adults in Senegal in partnership with local


J Programme to improve pathologic and haematologic

diagnostics established in Ethiopia using onsite and online

training, education, and consultations.

Psychosocial support

J Development of an educational programme relating to the

psychosocial needs of cancer patients in conjunction with the

Brazilian Society of Paediatric Oncology.

World Health Organization

J Organized the 2009 update of the WHO Essential Medicines

List for Cancer.

J Participated in guideline updating and development (cervical

cancer, Kaposi sarcoma and referral guidelines for breast and

cervical cancer).

J Consultation with Dr Jean Marie Dangou, Head of AFRO

(African Regional Office of WHO) on non-AIDS defining

malignancies in HIV positive individuals.

J INCTR organized an advisory meeting for WHO AFRO

relating to the issue of AIDS-related but non-AIDS defining

cancers in Africa. A report was provided to AFRO.

J Advising EMRO on a planned high-level meeting in the region

late in 2014.

J INCTR is participating in the development of

recommendations for the management of cancer in the

Eastern Mediterranean region. INCTR's particular focus will

be cancer information and the development of a tool that

countries can use to identify their strengths and weaknesses

with respect to cancer control, and develop or modify plans


Considerable attention will be paid to the identification of

methods of collecting and assessing the quality of data, the use

of data in making scientific observations and/or the creation

of evidence essential to establishing effective treatment

programmes. INCTR will work more closely with governments

in this regard, and funding for training, projects, scientific studies

etc. will come from both within the country and outside the

country. Every attempt will be made to ensure that programmes

are self-sustaining after a reasonable time has passed.


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