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Academy update

News from across our Multi-Academy Trust

Autumn term 2014

I am already a familiar face at CAT as I have been working

alongside the Board as an advisor for the past six months

and previously oversaw all Open Academies in the South

East for the Department for Education.

CAT's family of academies has grown six-fold during the

past year (from one to six!) and the core team has also

continued to develop, with future needs in mind. Director of

Academies Alan McMurdo was recently appointed to lead a

University Technical College, and the position of CAT Chief

Executive Officer is now a separate and distinct role

supported by a new Director of Standards.

I was delighted soon after my appointment to attend the

launch event for Berewood Primary School and to meet the

new-build Academy's very first pupils, parents, staff and

governors. There was a real sense of new community as

neighbours, friends and academy colleagues were

welcomed to the school and in turn offered warm support

to Berewood.

We also welcome Fernhurst Primary School and Kingsham

Primary School to our Multi-Academy Trust this term and I

look forward to meeting and working with you all as we plan

the best way forward for our diverse family of academies. I

can undertake that we will always put the best interests of

the children and their education at the heart of what we do.

Sue Samson

Chief Executive Officer

From the Chief Executive Officer

It is a great pleasure to introduce myself as the new Chief Executive Officer of

the University of Chichester Academy Trust (CAT).


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