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If you have never been on a cruise before or have not

been on a Cunard ship - you will enjoy high standards

and a classic experience at amazing value for money.

Cunard sets themselves apart from all other cruise

lines as being famous for upholding traditions at sea

such as eight bells at 12noon on sea days announced

by the officer of the watch and superlative white

gloved afternoon tea.

Grandeur, sophistication, elegance and tradition are

key words associated with a cruise on board a Cunard

ship. Expect to dress for dinner, meet interesting

people and be pampered with legendary Cunard

White Star service. The Queens Ballroom is the venue

for a range of themed balls throughout your cruise,

a champagne cocktail party with the captain and

is also where afternoon tea is served on fine bone

china. Seek out interesting facts around each ship in

Maritime Quest (QM2) , Cunardia (Queen Victoria)

and Cunard Place (Queen Elizabeth) charting the

history of Cunard and the celebrities linked to it.

Peruse fine works of art in the Clarendon Art Gallery,

watch shows in the Royal Court Theatre, participate

in lectures from guest speakers in the Winter Garden,

chance your luck in the casino, dance the night away

in the nightclub and even visit the only Planetarium at

sea on board Queen Mary 2.

Room service is FREE and not everyone knows

that! Each night your stateroom steward will leave a

breakfast order menu which you can fill out before

retiring - if you want to have breakfast in bed or be

woken in the morning with a fresh pot of tea. Perfect

for lazy mornings in bed..

Cunard is historically known for operating transatlantic

voyages between the US and the UK and next year

will celebrate its 175 year anniversary since operating

its first crossing on the Britannia in 1840 to the new

World. Cunard was also the first cruise line to be

awarded the contract to carry Royal Mail between the

two continents and the first ships to bear the RMS title

- Royal Mail Ship. A Cunard transatlantic voyage caters

for those of you who prefer to cross the Atlantic in style

rather than fly. As there are no ports of call it is all about

the experience, service, relaxation and sophistication

on board - as a result you will meet a wide variety of

well travelled people from all walks of life.


TOO POSH: Lots of people think Cunard will be

full of Hyacinth Bucket types ( from Keeping Up

Appearances TV sitcom fame). On board you will

pleasantly be surprised to find this is completely

untrue. Cruises on Cunard are not as expensive as

many think they are - as a result there is a greater mix

of people and age ranges on board than expected.

TOO FORMAL: It is no more so than any other cruise

ship - in fact you can get away without having to

wear a suit on board. Cunard do have dress codes

for the main restaurant in the evening which varies

from smart-casual (jacket / no tie), semi-formal (jacket

& tie) and formal (suit & tie). If you do not want to

participate simply eat in one of the fabulous Kings

Court or Lido venues.

SEGREGATED DINING: If you book a Princess Grill

Suite - the main restaurant assigned is the Princess

Grill and if you book a Queens Grill Suite - the main

restaurant assigned is the Queens Grill. Everyone

else booking anything from interior staterooms to

high grade balcony staterooms is assigned to the

magnificent Britannia Restaurant which has two

sittings with bespoke White Star service. The cuisine

in all three is similar; the only differences being a

larger menu, open dining and a more personalised

service is available in the Grills restaurants for suite

passengers. There are a number of other dining

options throughout the ship which everyone can go

to. With so many dining choices available the main

restaurant assigned to your stateroom is not one that

you will necessarily visit every night.

A Cunard ship cuts a very imposing

presence in any port of call with the

classic red stripe at the waterline,

black hull, white superstructure and

a red funnel. This together with the

established Cunard name and sailing on

a Queen attracts attention away from

all other ships in any particular port.


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