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126 Cases have transferred to


Feedback from service


 I have a voice.

 I matter.

 This should be about what is

best for me.

 I am being heard.

 I have more control.

 I have better relationships.

Personalisation provides better outcomes for individuals who are supported

by Adult Physical Disability. Self Directed Support (SDS) offers flexibility,

choice and control in how services are delivered to meet individual needs.

Catherine Carlin, Head of Service Adult Physical and Sensory Disability

Why is this important to service users and carers? Measures

Learning and next steps


AIM: To increase the number of letters of offer on service user case files from 50 to 120 by December 2020.

What has it achieved?

What are we doing and why?

The data return for Self Directed Support (April 2020) highlighted that

75% of cases in the Omagh Adult Physical Disability team had not been

fully through the SDS process.

To achieve the project aim we had to understand the existing barriers to

the implementation of SDS and address them.

• Process map to understand the system.

• Engage with whole team to identify the blocks.

• Use Pareto to help us understand and build in solutions using 80/20


• Offer training and support to staff.

• Ongoing measurement: Use of visual tools - individual and team run

charts to drive the improvement.

Primary Goals:

• Improving the lives of people living with disabilities.

• Service-users and carers to benefit from this process.

• Data return reflects that SDS is embedded into the team's


Feedback from staff:

 Service-users and carers are the


 Shared responsibility in decision

making helps achieve best


 Practice is more person centred.

 Being able to offer alternatives to

have needs met differently

improves job satisfaction

 Encourages creativity and

innovative practice.


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