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The People's Choice

Phil Robinson

• It is essential to hear the voice of service users and bring

about change to meet their needs.

• Eating well is fundamental to good health and well being.

• A well balanced diet provides all of the energy you need to

keep active throughout the day.

• Helping prepare meals develops important life skills.

 The young peoples attendance at dinner has increased from

62% to 89% during the initiative.

 A survey will be carried out to ascertain if they are more or

less satisfied with the quality and variety of food.

 Input from a food dietician to educate young people on

healthy options will take place after Covid-19 restrictions


 Sessions are planned to teach the young people to make their

own healthy snacks.

 The initiative will continue to run as we continue to hear

from the young people, meeting their needs.

Why is this important to service users and carers?

Process Measures

Learning and next steps


To increase the satisfaction of young

people living in Marmion Children's

Residential Home, in relation to their food

experience, from 20% to 40% from

October 2020 to January 2021.

Young people's survey

What are we doing and why?

 Carrying out a qualitative and quantitative survey into the

quality, variety and satisfaction of the food served.

 The young people have created a menu that includes their

favourite dishes, giving them choice and ownership.

 The quality of the food is recorded daily by the young people

that will contribute to improving the menu each month.

 Increase participation in food preparation to develop cooking


Trend Line





October average 62%

November average 73%

'It's always the same type of food'

'It's really good now'

Outcome Measures


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