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Alaska has three thousand rivers, three million lakes and more than five

thousand glaciers. From the snowy north to the rich farmland of the interior

and the spellbinding scenery of its rugged coastline, this vast landscape

offers a world of contrasts and the essence of raw nature at its wildest.

With more than 70 years' experience in Alaska travel, Holland America Line

is the expert. No other cruise line offers more exceptional cruise itineraries

or more visits to Glacier Bay National Park, home to some of Alaska's most

impressive tidewater glaciers. On one of Holland America Line's mid-sized

ships you can be assured of experiencing this spectacular part of the world

in the most scenic and comfortable way.




Enjoy elegant lounges adorned with priceless antiques and fresh flowers…dining

rooms that sparkle with crystal and fine china…delicious dining and award-winning

service, and above all gracious hospitality. There are picture windows and teak

promenades from which to view the emerald forests and spell binding glaciers

of Alaska's Inside Passage, perhaps even a glimpse of orca whales and sea lions

swimming in the wake of your ship.

Deepen your appreciation of the area as live musicians accompany riveting Alaska

footage presented by BBC Earth. Gain insights into time-honoured traditions as you

visit with tribal members, artists, performers and local wildlife experts onboard.

Then continue your explorations ashore with HAL's immersive EXC Tours™.




From Vancouver, cruise past evergreen forests and native

fishing villages to Juneau, Alaska's Capital, where you'll

see your first glacier, the mighty Mendenhall. Then travel

on to the old gold rush frontier town of Skagway, with its

well preserved boardwalks and "wild west" saloons. The

highlight of every Alaska cruise is a day spent at Glacier

Bay National Park where you have a front row view of the

fabulous spires, pinnacles and pillars of ice, and be told

about the phenomena of glaciers by the onboard park

naturalist. Finally Ketchikan, a quaint weathered town

clinging to the mountainside offers a park full of mystical

totem poles and excursions to the stunning "Misty Fjords"

On your travels you'll hopefully glimpse the breeching of

great hump-back whales in the wake of your ship and seals

basking on glacial icebergs. Watch majestic bald headed

eagles soaring overhead and see sock-eyed salmon turning

rivers red.

On one of Holland America

Line's mid-sized ships you can

be assured of experiencing

this spectacular part of the

world in the most scenic

and comfortable way.


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