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One of the simplest, cheapest and easiest

ways to get around in Dubai is taxis.

Compared to similar cities, taxis in Dubai

are inexpensive and there are plenty of

them. It may seem a touch on the dull

side, but there is no substitute for a quick

air-conditioned ride in a comfortable

and new car when the heat can rise up

to 40°C. However, with the introduction

of the new tram system in Dubai there is

a quick way to get across the sea front of

Dubai taking in Jumeirah Beach and the

Marina. You can also connect with the

Metro stations from certain stops which

can then take you into Downtown Dubai.

For the scenic travellers out there, an

aquatic taxi ride along the 10km-long

Creek is the best way to experience the

juxtaposition of the ancient world of the

Middle East and the modern Metropolis

that Dubai has become. For only 1

Dirham (about 20 pence!) you can be

transported from one end to the other

in about 5-10 minutes. Or if you fancy a

more private journey you can pay to be

taken back and forth at leisure for around

80 Dirham's (about £16) for an hour or so.

The choice is yours.


There are two main areas to stay when

travelling to Dubai and it will depend

upon your preference as to where you will

choose. If you are a beach bunny, then

look no further than The Palm Jumeirah.

With only a couple of hotels, there is

not much to choose from but thankfully

our recommendation is one of the best

hotels in the world. Atlantis, The Palm

has everything you could ever want, from

restaurants and bars numbering into

the 20's to a waterpark and aquarium

which is home to 65,000 marine animals.

With room types for all budgets there is

something for everyone at the Atlantis.

However, if you are more the hustle and

bustle type then Downtown Dubai is the

place for you. With restaurants to suit

all tastes, shopping that rivals anything

you have ever seen before and even

the tallest building in the world, the Burj

Khalifa, Downtown Dubai is a city break

of the future. Best of all, the beach is still

very accessible from this area via public

transport which means you can have the

best of both worlds.



Shopping, restaurants, bars, an

aquarium, cinemas, theme parks,

waterparks, and beaches, to name but

a few, Dubai has everything one could

want from a shopping and sightseeing

perspective. Start your day by relaxing

on one of the pristine public beaches.

Then take the Metro into Downtown

Dubai for a spot of lunch in one of

the many 5-star restaurants before

fulfilling all your shopping dreams at

the world famous Dubai Mall. When

night falls why not take a trip up the

tallest building in the world, the Burj

Khalifa, to breathe in the stunning 360

degree night-time views of the Arabian

Desert and the Gulf Coast? Or take in

breathtaking display of choreography

that mixes light, music and water at the

amazing Dubai Fountain.

For the kids there is the aptly named

KidZania®, an award-winning safe

and interactive edutainment centre.

There is also SEGA Republic, if

you fancy joining the kids in some

high-adrenaline family fun as well as

Aquaventure Waterpark (free when

staying at Atlantis) and the Dubai


Destination Focus


Dubai prides itself on being the biggest and the best at

everything that it does. From the world's tallest building and

the largest man-made island to one of the most expansive

malls and most luxurious hotels, Dubai has it all. And with

cruises from Dubai becoming ever cheaper and more

frequent, there has never been a better time to combine a

cruise with a stay in this enchanting city.


Top 10 Tips:

1: Visit the Burj Khalifa at night for

stunning 360 degree views

2: Stay at Atlantis, The Palm for

unparalleled facilities and FREE

entry to the Aquaventure Waterpark

3: Pay for a private crossing of the

Dubai Creek using an aquatic taxi

so you can enjoy the views at leisure

4: Take the whole family to the Dubai

Mall, a place that has something for


5: When going long distances, use

taxis rather than public transport

6: For an upmarket dining experience

eat at Rhodes Twenty 10

7: Take a trip into the desert for a 4x4

Safari adventure

8: Visit the Dubai Aquarium and

Underwater Zoo for an amazing

marine experience

9: Ride high in a Hot Air Balloon across

the desert

10: Learn about the history of this

amazing city at the Dubai Museum.


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