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Fly cruise holidays aboard Star Clipper

Your Indonesian adventure begins with a five-night luxury hotel stay in the stylish resort of Seminyak, home

to ancient temples, world-class restaurants, high-end boutiques and some of Bali's finest beaches. Then

climb aboard Star Clipper for a unique Tall Ship sailing experience and discover a collection of remote, often

uninhabited Indonesian Islands that are only accessible to smaller vessels. Visit the Gili Islands; an archipelago

of three small islands fringed by powdery white-sand beaches, dotted with coconut palms set in a turquoise

blue sea surrounded by coral reefs. Explore Komodo Island, the desolate domain of the fierce dragon that

bears the islands name and relax on Pink Beach, one of only seven such beaches on the planet.

Included in the price:

• Return flights from London


Regional flights available at a


• 5-nights' 5-star bed-andbreakfast

hotel stay at the Trans

Resort Bali (or similar)

• All overseas transfers

• 7-nights' full-board cruise

onboard Star Clipper

• All port charges and port taxes



Day 1: Fly UK Bali - Fly overnight

from London Heathrow to Bali. Upon

arrival transfer to hotel for 5 nights


Days 2 - 6: Seminyak, Bali - Upon

arrival transfer to your hotel in

Seminyak for 5 nights stay.

Day 7: Embark Star Clipper, Benoa,

Bali - After breakfast transfer to Benoa

Port and embark Star Clipper for your

seven night cruise.

Day 8: Gili Kondo (Lombok Island),

Indonesia - This uninhabited island

is one of 33 small islands of eastern

Lombok. Snorkel directly from the

beach in calm, crystal clear waters,

soak up some rays or take a stroll

along its white sand beach.

Date Prices from

14 May 17 £1999

25 Jun 17 £2059

09 Jul 17 £2179

06 Aug 17 £2199

19 Aug 17 £2199

03 Sep 17 £2179

Prices are from, per person based on 2 adults sharing

a category 6 inside cabin, upper/lower berths onboard

Star Clipper.


or call 0800 082 2170


Day 9: At Sea - Enjoy a relaxing day

at sea and soak up the scenery as you

glide across the Indian Ocean.

Day 10: Komodo National Park,

Indonesia and Pink Beach (Komodo

Island), Indonesia - In the morning

visit Komodo National Park, a UNESCO

World Heritage Site and home to the

fierce Komodo Dragon. These unique

lizards grow to up to three metres

in length and resemble a relic from

when dinosaurs walked the earth. In

the afternoon dock at Pink Beach. The

amazing colour of the beach comes

from microscopic animals called

Foraminifera which leave a red pigment

on the coral which break off and

combine with silvery sand to produce

the glorious pink shade.

Day 11: Satonda Island, Indonesia

- Satonda is surrounded by beautiful

coral reefs with a large variety of tropical

fish; to protect this unique underwater

paradise the island was declared to be

a Marine Nature Park in 1999. Prepare

your snorkelling equipment and wear

comfortable shoes if you want to climb

to the salt water Crater Lake in the

middle of the island (the walk takes

about 15 minutes depending on your


Day 12: Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan

(Lombok Island), Indonesia - Known

as "Gili T" Gili Trawangan is the most

cosmopolitan of the Gili Islands where

you can enjoy fresh seafood, snorkel,

sunbathe, join a dive trip, rent a bike

or take a horse carriage ride. Gili Meno

is the smallest of the Gili Islands and is

home to the Green Sea and Loggerhead

turtle which can often be spotted in the

shallow waters of the island.

Day 13: Gili Nanggu (Lombok Island),

Indonesia - Gili Nanggu is a serene

island paradise where there is nothing

to do except relax and unwind or

maybe indulge in a little snorkelling or


Day 14: Benoa (Bali), Indonesia - After

breakfast onboard transfer to the airport

for your overnight flight back to the UK.


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