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Visit Tokyo

A business and cultural mega centre that's home to tens of

millions of people, Tokyo is also the crossroads where the

Japanese interact with citizens from all over the world. And

yet its offbeat side is what has gained worldwide fame. The

media loves to focus on Harajuku's vibrant and evanescent

fashion, robot restaurants, maid cafes and the passionate

uberfans known as otaku. But as busy as Tokyo is at giving

birth to new ideas, cultures and inventions, it's just as

fastidious about preserving tradition, carefully maintaining

its traditional gardens, shrines and temples. The city also

offers outdoor adventures, some unexpected natural

wonders, and tens of thousands of restaurants and bars.

Whatever your cup of tea is, you'll probably find all you can

drink in Tokyo.

Visit Kyoto

The former capital of Kyoto embodies the refined nature

of Japanese culture and dining, offering many magnificent

shrines and temples as well as numerous UNESCO World

Heritage sites, with iconic gardens and natural beauty. The

city of Kyoto attracts millions of local and international

visitors seeking traditional Japanese culture, yet not far

away are also expansive tea plantations, stunning hiking

spots, villages of thatched-roof farmhouses, and pristine


Visit Hiroshima

The city of Hiroshima is a hub for venturing inland into the

prefecture and trekking through dense forests, beautiful

gorges and enjoying natural hot springs. You can also head

to the coast and enjoy beaches, the islands of the Seto

Inland Sea, and the iconic Itsukushima on Miyajima-the

floating shrine with a red gate set in the sea and World

Cultural Heritage Site. Hiroshima's other World Cultural

Heritage Site, the Atomic Bomb Dome, and it's surrounding

memorial park are monuments to peace. Hiroshima is

also famous for okonomiyaki, savoury pancakes, anago or

saltwater eel, and other culinary delights. Hiking, cycling,

ocean sports and skiing are all possibilities here.


Visit this far eastern corner of the world where cultures, customs, history and scenery collide in an explosion of colour and lifelong

memories. Japan truly is a study in contrasts: tranquil retreats of profound beauty lay just outside cities where skyscrapers soar over stunning

temples and shrines. Neon-bright architecture and pink cherry blossoms vie for attention amid the colourful Harajuku district and traditional

kimonos. Japan is particularly in vogue at the moment, where your stay would not be complete without riding on a Bullet Train, bathing in a hot

spring and admiring the snow covered peak of Mount Fuji rising from lush green fields and rice paddies.




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