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transfers from the airport to Hong Kong

Island by take about 30 minutes and

cost approx £25. Alternatively there

is a rail service which takes you via

Kowloon to the central area of Hong

Kong Island. Hong Kong has a clean &

efficient subway system which presents

an excellent way to get around. The Star

Ferry is the picturesque way to traverse

Victoria Harbour between Kowloon and

Hong Kong Island; it takes 15-20 minutes

and gives you a great introduction to the

vibe of Hong Kong.

WHERE TO STAY: There are a

number of locations to choose from; our

choice would be Causeway Bay on Hong

Kong Island. This area is adjacent to the

centre of Hong Kong - being relatively

calm, open and green with its impressive

shopping district close by. Our tried and

tested hotel is the 4* Metropark Hotel

- a high rise executive style hotel with a

rooftop pool just minutes walk from Tin

Hau subway station.

SIGHT SEEING: The picturesque

Hong Kong skyline is of Victoria Harbour

and the waterfront on Hong Kong Island

- this is best viewed from Kowloon at

night when the "Symphony of Lights

Show" is performed. This light and

sound spectacular combines interactive

lights of 33 key buildings on both Hong

Kong Island and Kowloon with musical

effects to showcase the vibrancy and the

fascinating night vista of Victoria Harbour.

Take time out to wander through the

skyscrapers of the central business area

and visit Hong Kong Park. See the locals

practising Tai Chi; visit the conservatory,

the aviary and the museum of Chinese

tea-wares including artefacts from the

Ming Dynasty. On the far side of the

park you will find the Victoria Peak tram

station which takes you up to the hills

above and behind the Skyscrapers of

Hong Kong Island. The views from here

are magnificent. Up here you will find a

great restaurant, art gallery and Madame


SHOPPING: The best place to

experience a bit of local life is at the street

markets in Kowloon where haggling is

essential. There are separate market

places for jade, fish, flowers, electronic

goods and a general street market. Jade

makes the perfect quality souvenir and

gift. Causeway Bay has a busy shopping

district with a multi storey shopping mall.

Electronic goods, camera shops and

tailor shops are in abundance. They have

bolts of fabric stacked high ready to take

your order and make a copy of a designer

suit at a fraction of the cost. Hollywood

Road is one of Hong Kong's oldest streets

and is famed for its antiques, curio shops

and Chinese style furniture. This is close

to Central Station and can be accessed

by taking the first section of the world's

largest network of escalators

NIGHTLIFE: There are two main

areas for Westerners to frequent: the

bright lights and naughty nightlife area

of Wan Chai which is the next stop along

on the subway from Causeway Bay .

Then two stops further on to the busy

central area with its imposing high-rise

skyscrapers where you will find the

sophisticated Lan Kwai Fong western

nightlife area packed with restaurants

and Bars.

All in all a memorable place to visit and

one that is very different to what you may

be used to in the States and Europe!

Destination Focus


Hong Kong should be at the top of anyone's must visit wish list.

This world class destination is simply buzzing with life and culture -

making it worthy of being the New York of the Orient. Hong Kong

is a former British colony situated in south-eastern China 1225 miles

from Beijing. It occupies 426 square miles with 7 million people;

being a major port and global financial centre - famed for its

skyscraper-studded skyline. It is also known for its lively food scene -

from Cantonese dim sum to extravagant high tea; and its shopping,

with options spanning chaotic Temple Street Night Market to the

city's innumerable bespoke tailors.

Top 10 things to do:

1: Chow down on Oriental Cuisine

2: Travel on the Star Ferry

3: Haggle in the Street Markets of


4: Have your Favourite Garment copied

in a Tailors

5: Ride the Victoria Peak Tram

6: Watch the Symphony of Lights Show

7: Visit Hong Kong Park

8: Have dinner in the Floating Jumbo

Chinese Restaurant

9: Ride the longest escalator network in

the world

10: Have a Night out in Lang Kwai Fong



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