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Brockencote Hall Dinner Menu

Charred MACKEREL, lovage tartare, garden gooseberry jam, amla chilled velouté (F, SU)

White Cornish CRAB, garden radish, sweet and sour brown crab mousse (M, E, G, SU, CR) ** supplement £5.00

Braised garden CARROT, carrot top pesto, orange hazelnuts, summer truffle (NU, M, SU) **

Confit CHICKEN terrine, poached apricots, mustard, sourdough (MU, SU, G)

LAMB sweetbread ravioli, aubergine caviar, white onion velouté (G, E, M,SU ) supplement £5.00


Pan fried COD loin, macerated Brockencote heritage tomatoes, saute Ratté potatoes, sauce vierge (F, SU, G) **

Pan roasted MONKFISH, spinach, brioche, crème fraiche dashi, oyster leaf (F, G, E, MO, M) supplement £8.00

Poached and roasted LAMB fillet, shoulder rosti, confit cherry tomatoes, artichokes, tomato vine jus

(SU, M) supplement £8.00 **

Roasted PORK ribeye, belly and sage faggot, mash, confit fennel hearts, sauce charcuterie (MU, SU)

Truffle POLENTA and potato cake, summer vegetable and soft herb barigoule (M, E, G, SU)


Brockencote Iced HONEY parfait, textures of raspberry, lemon balm sherbet, shortbread (M, E, SU, G) supplement £5.00

Caramelised PINEAPPLE, lime curd, coconut sorbet, candied walnuts, coriander (M, E, SU, NU)

72% dark CHOCOLATE and cherry gateau (M, E, NU, G) supplement £5.00

Macerated English STRAWBERRIES, lovage diplomat, sablé Breton, vanilla ice cream (SU , E, M, G) **

Selection of 4 British CHEESE , crackers and condiments (NU, SU, G, M, C) **

Selection of 6 British CHEESE , crackers and condiments (NU, SU, G, M, C) supplement £5.00


Coffee & homemade petits fours £4.95 per person**

Two course menu £38.95 per person / Three course menu £49.95 per person

Should you wish to enjoy a tasting experience chef has selected dishes **

This menu is designed to be taken by the whole table at £75.00 per person,

A flight of wines by the glass is available to accompany the tasting menu at £40.00 per person

A discretionary service charge of 10% will be automatically added to your bill


If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please talk to a member of the team before ordering.

F=Fish / E=Egg / L=Lupin / MO=Molluscs / S=Soya / M=Milk / C=Celery / MU=Mustard

G=Gluten / P=Peanuts / SE=Sesame / NU=Tree Nuts / CR=Crustaceans / SU=Sulphur Dioxide


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