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Ernest Gonzales, PhD

Associate Professor

New York University

Jennifer Greenfield, PhD

Associate Professor

University of Denver

Cal Halvorsen, PhD

Assistant Professor

Boston College

Jacquelyn James, PhD

Research Professor

Boston College

Christina Matz, PhD

Associate Professor

Boston College

Nancy Morrow-Howell, PhD

Faculty Director

Washington University in St. Louis

Michelle Putnam, PhD


Simmons University


Brian Lindberg, Executive Director,

Consumer Coalition for Quality


Linda Harootyan, Co-principal,


Bob Harootyan, Manager of

Research, Senior Service America


During the past five years, members of the Advance Long and Productive Lives network

and their colleagues have:

• Published two concept papers on increasing

productive engagement in early and later life

• Presented at dozens of conferences and

events, including the Gerontological Society

of America, National Academy of Medicine,

Actuarial Society of America, Drexel University,

and Age Strong @ Work

• Delivered webinars on Engagement and

Entrepreneurship Research and COVID -19

and Age: Risks and Opportunities

• Commented widely in the national media,

including Reuters, Next Avenue, The New

York Times, The Boston Globe, Curbed, The

Huffington Post, and The Associated Press

• Contributed a regular column to the

AGE-SW newsletter, "Spotlight on Advancing

Long and Productive Lives"

• Authored more than 120 articles, books,

chapters, reports, and briefs on topics related

to the Grand Challenge, including a special

issue of the Clinical Social Work Journal and

the book, Current and Emerging Trends in

Aging & Work

• Secured more than a dozen grants, including

from the National Institute on Aging,

U.S. Social Security Administration, AARP

Foundation, RRF Foundation for Aging, and

Sloan Foundation, to examine work and

retirement trajectories, workforce training,

and health

• Directed studies on best practices for

intergenerational programs and the effects

of tutoring on older adults' well-being

• By invitation, joined the Committee on

Understanding the Aging Workforce and

Employment at Older Ages sponsored by the

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering,

and Medicine

• Testified before a committee of the National

Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and

Medicine on developing a behavioral and

social sciences research agenda for the next

decade on Alzheimer's disease and related

dementias, and civic engagement in later life

• Advanced to the finals of the Stanford

Center on Longevity's 2018 - 2019 Longevity

Design Challenge

• Advocated for enacting universal paid

family and medical leave in the U.S. and

strengthening the Social Security 2100 Act

• Developed a letter in support of paid family

leave legislation in the U.S. signed by over 100

academics from all over the U.S.

• Led economic analysis efforts that

contributed to the passage of paid family and

medical leave and paid sick days in Colorado

• Investigated age discrimination in the

workplace and studied the implications of

tying Medicaid eligibility to work


Network members have articulated the following objectives for the Grand Challenge to

Advance Long and Productive Lives over the next five years:

• Continue to advocate for their policy


1. Create flexible and transitional

employment arrangements

2. Provide financial support to caregivers

3. Expand the Corporation for National

and Community Service's support for

engaging older adults

• Elevate intersectionality and inequality in

productive aging discourse

• Continue to produce the AGE-SW Productive

Aging Spotlight

• Publish empirical articles on intersectionality

as well as reconceptualize productive aging

• Present at the Gerontological Society of

America on ageism, age-inclusive universities,

and older workers amidst COVID -19

• Involve more policy makers, practitioners,

advocates, educators and students

• Secure scholarship funding to recruit more

racial and ethnically diverse undergraduates

and master's students into the field

• Translate research into evidence-based

practice interventionsAn Impact Report at Year 5 of the 10-Year Initiative | 17


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