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2 courses £20.95

3 courses £24.95


Bowl of marinated olives (Su) £4.50

Bowl of salted crisps £3.00

Pita & hummus (G-SE) £4.50


Toasted ham & cheddar on brown bread (G-SU-M-E) £10.50

Toasted cheddar & chutney on brown bread (G-SU-M-E) £10.50

Smoked salmon bagel, watercress, chive cream cheese (G-E-F-M-SU) £10.50

If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please talk to a member of the team before ordering.

F=Fish / E=Egg / L=Lupin / MO=Molluscs / S=Soya / M=Milk / C=Celery / MU=Mustard / G=Gluten / P=Peanuts

SE=Sesame / NU=Tree Nuts / CR=Crustaceans / SU=Sulphur Dioxide

(v) - Vegetarian // (Ve) - Vegan

All our prices are inclusive of VAT. Please note, a discretionary 10% service charge will be added to your final bill.


Spiced parsnip soup, cumin crouton (G) £6.00

Fishcakes, garlic and parsley mayonnaise, fennel and radish salad (G-E-CR-M-SU) £6.00

Ham hock terrine, red onion marmalade, toasted baguette (G-E-SU-MU-C-NU) £6.00


Pan seared sea bream fillet, salt baked celeriac, celeriac puree, mushroom cream

(F-SU-M-C) £16.50

Roast turkey, duck fat roasties, sprouts, sage & onion stuffing, pigs in blankets,

seasonal green (M-G-SU-C) £16.50

Wild mushroom ravioli & mushroom fricassee (V) (G-E-M-SU) £16.50

Beef burger, served with burger relish, cheddar & bacon, crisp lettuce, brioche bun

and fries (G-E-M-SU) £15.00

Grilled marinated portobello mushroom & halloumi on a brioche, balsamic, chipotle

mayonnaise, coleslaw and fries (G-E-M-SU) £14.00


Toffee apple crumble tart, creme Anglaise, apple sorbet (G-E-SU-M) £6.00

Vanilla & pear cheesecake, pear caramel, gingernut cream (G-E-M-SU) £6.00

Coconut cream, passionfruit, lime meringue (E-M) £7.50


Hand cut chips (G)

Fries (G)

Seasonal greens (M)

Mixed leaf salad (Mu)

£4.00 each


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