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Try One - You will be Surprised!

A Cunard transatlantic voyage is one of those iconic 'must do' travel experiences - taking you back to the golden era of ocean liners before jet travel. This is an

opportunity to do something different on holiday and break the monotony of daily life. Grandeur, sophistication, elegance and tradition are key words associated with a

cruise on board a Cunard Queen Mary 2 transatlantic crossing. Expect to dress for dinner, meet interesting people and be pampered with legendary Cunard White Star

service. The Queens Ballroom is the venue for a range of themed balls throughout your cruise, a champagne cocktail party with the captain and is also where superlative

afternoon tea is served by white gloved waiters on fine bone china. Enjoy fish & chips in the Golden Lion Pub, an Al Fresco lunch at the Boardwalk Café and peruse fine

works of art in the Clarendon Art Gallery. There are also shows in the Royal Court Theatre, guest speakers, films in the Planetarium, perhaps to try your luck in the casino or

dance the night away in the G32 Nightclub.



1. Simply as a means of

transportation to get from one

side of the Atlantic to the other.

After all a seven night voyage on a

luxury ship in a comfortable ensuite

stateroom on full board with waiter

service can sometimes be the same

cost of an economy flight and a

fraction of the cost of business or

first class flights.

2. To enjoy the journey in itself as

a way to relax perhaps without the

interruptions of ports of call and

/ or to escape the distractions of

daily life.

3. As part of a greater holiday

experience in North America

instead of flying - combining a

cruise with a more traditional

land based stay. For this reason

transatlantic crossings are ideal for

people who like their land based

holidays but want to try out the

cruise experience.

WESTBOUND: Get your holiday

off to an immediate start and travel to

the United States Of America in style

from Southampton For five days of any

crossing - Each day at sea is 25 hours

long and so you will arrive refreshed in

tune with local time ready to step of your

ship after breakfast and enjoy a full day.

That is without the jet lag - wanting to go

to sleep five hours before everyone else

and waking up in the early hours of the



If you want a regular cruise with ports of call or badly suffer

from the effects of motion - then these cruises are probably

not for you. These cruises are ideal for those of you who

are well travelled, have cruised lots of times before or are

looking for something different. They are also perfect for

people who lead busy lives in the work or home environment

and want to totally relax without distraction and let someone

else do all the work. For these reasons you tend to meet a

very different type of passenger on a Transatlantic crossing

than on a regular cruise with ports of call.


• Switch off from the outside world; put the mobile down

and shut the laptop!

• Have a wallow in the thermal pool or detox in the sauna.

• Try your luck at bingo or learn how to play Poker.

• Watch a feature film or attend a lecture by a guest speaker.

• Join a RADA acting class or pop in to see a matinee theatre performance.

• Compete in a golf simulator competition or learn more about computers.

• Join the pub trivia quiz or learn about mixing martinis.

• Make friends with Bill W or Dorothy.

• Work out in the gym or learn some dance steps.

• Take a brisk walk on deck or sunbathe in the solarium.

• Check out the library or peruse fine works of art.

• Relax in a hot tub or have a splash in the pool.

• People watch with a coffee or plan your evening attire.

EASTBOUND: Enhance your holiday and journey home from

the USA with the knowledge that you have not got to go through

long security queues at the airport and a tiresome overnight flight

back to the UK. The potential to shop and buy things that you

would not normally buy because of the flight home is irresistible.

The New York sail away is an occasion in itself. Have a glass of

champagne in hand as the ship slips from her berth and eases

out in New York Harbour. Have your cameras ready as the ship

glides past the Statue of Liberty and squeezes under the Verrazano

Narrows Bridge on her way out to sea. The famous new York skyline

disappearing behind the wake of the ship in the setting sun is a

defining moment.


Go on - try a Transatlantic Crossing - you will be surprised!

4 Call now to book: 0800 082 2170 or visit


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