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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Discover the kaleidoscope world of the Great Barrier Reef

and snorkel in the crystalline water. Stand in awe of the

breathtaking Sydney Opera House, the ancient ravines of

the Blue Mountains or journey to the mystical and iconic

Uluru in the Outback.

Iconic Wildlife

From Tasmanian devils to wombats, encounter this region's

unique wildlife at Brisbane's Australia Zoo, Melbourne's

Healesville Sanctuary, Sydney's Featherdale Wildlife Park

and the Perth Zoo.

Regional Wine

Pursue your passion for wine with a visit to Yarra Valley,

known as one of Australia's premier wine regions. Or,

experience some of the world's most well-known varietals

in Marlborough Valley, New Zealand.

A World Cruise Wonder

Witness the surreal beauty of Fiordland National Park,

named one of the Seven Cruise Wonders of the World by

Condé Nast Traveler, from its towering granite cliff walls to

spectacular waterfalls, lushly forested shores and its crown

jewel, Milford Sound.

Natural Wonders & Landscapes

Witness the unparalleled beauty of what locals call

"Godzone" (God's own country) on a hike into Tauranga's

Wai-O-Tapu thermal valley, or behold the otherworldly

spires at Perth's Namburg National Park. Hop aboard the

world-famous TranzAlpine Train in Akaroa for a serene

journey through New Zealand's dramatic Southern Alps.

The Mighty Māori

Witness the rich Māori culture with stirring performances

of traditional Māori stories, chants, dances, and the

world-famous Haka Māori War Dance in Tauranga. See

Napier's beautifully preserved 1930s architecture which

pays homage to the Māori by merging Art Deco with tribal

motifs or visit Wellington to experience a world teeming

with Māori myths.

Exclusive Onboard Experiences

On board your ship, you can celebrate Matariki, a Māori

festival marking the start of the Māori New Year, with

ceremonial offerings and homage to whakapapa (ancestors)

or try an authentic Māori hangi, a traditional barbecue of

meat and vegetables that's cooked over hot stones.

The Informal Elegance of Star Cli

Epic landscapes, colourful cultures and laid-back charm - experience it all with Princess.® We'll take you to its golden beaches, rugged

outback and famed wine country. See fascinating wildlife and be immersed in Māori culture. Explore the Great Barrier Reef or cruise

pristine Milford Sound and come back inspired.

begins in Australia & New Zealand with Princess


^Based on Cruise Passenger Days for the

2016-17 season. Princess offers more

cruise days in Australia than any other line.

16 Call now to book: 0800 082 2170 or visit


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