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Why cruise with Star Clipper?

Continental Cuisine. Culinary Delights.

Dine out on a comprehensive menu of international foods

that are all prepared by our passionate, professional chefs.

You'll be able to taste delights from around the world and

go on your own little culinary tour of the places you visit

(and some that you don't).

In line with the Star Clippers belief that cruises are more

enjoyable without restrictions and formalities, we would

not presume to dictate either your seating preferences or

a dress code. On all of our ships, there are no set times

at which you should dine and you are free to sit with

whomever you like (including officers who are known to

eat amongst the guests). Leave your black tie and ball

gowns behind, relax, and make yourself at home within the

casual elegance that is a Star Clippers cruise.

The Informal Elegance of Star Clippers.

Up on deck, a couple watches the sun drop slowly into the sea

as gulls circle one last time in the sky. Newly formed friends

stand in the Piano Bar; deep in conversation and occasionally

breaking into song when the chance presents itself.

In the Tropical Bar, a delicious cocktail is being prepared

for an awaiting guest as they imagine tasting its cooling

properties whilst the barman shakes together the contents.

Other guests sit in the library, engrossed in their new

favourite book, whilst many more are laughing and joking

at the pool side. Could there be anything more relaxing

than this?

It's clear to see that this is a cruise ship like no other. On

a Star Clippers cruise you are not restricted to enforced

schedules, nor are you expected to follow anyone's lead but

your own. Your days, evenings and nights are yours to spend

however you wish and nobody will tell you otherwise.

Gracious Service. Rest Assured.

There's nothing so easy and pleasurable as falling asleep

to the gentle rhythms of the ship and sea - unless it's

awakening refreshed the next morning to a new-born day.

The many staterooms on board offer everything you need

and would expect from any luxury retreat. There is either a

double bed or two twin beds that can be easily converted

into a queen if need be. The en-suite facilities are in the

form of a beautifully marbled bathroom and there is also

a personal safe, direct-dial telephone, television with inhouse video,

hair-dryer, DVD player, as well comfortable

furnishings throughout.

The cabin décor is tastefully traditional and you'll find the

accoutrements of a luxurious classic yacht, where everything

has been cleverly designed for comfort, ease and efficiency.

Burnished brass fittings and mahogany features are a tribute

to our nautical heritage, whilst the use of soft, natural

fabrics reflects the colours of the sun, sea and sky. Famous

clipper ships and sailing yachts, in pictorial form, grace the

walls. Everything is maintained impeccably and your steward

balances personable service with the remarkable affinity of

knowing when to leave you to it.

All in all, the accommodation aboard your Star Clippers

cruise provides the perfect setting for day dreams and

nights of uninterrupted relaxation. Rest assured.

4 Call now to book: 0800 082 2170 or visit


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