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Introducing a revolutionary new ship that's poised

to change the way guests experience the world.

With its visionary design, it will raise the bar on

cruise vacations to even greater heights. Welcome,

CelebrityEdgeSM, the first in Celebrity Cruises'

new class of ships designed to leave the future

behind. Celebrity EdgeSM marks a turning point in

Celebrity Cruises' approach to ship design, with

its revolutionary, outward-facing infrastructure

- highlighted by signature features such as the

Magic Carpet, the Edge Stateroom with an Infinite

Veranda and the private plunge pools in the Edge



The most transformational aspect of the new

stateroom design is the introduction of the Edge

Stateroom with the Infinite VerandaSM. These

revolutionary rooms take the standard veranda

stateroom and, with the touch of a button, blur -

even erase - the boundaries between inside and

outside. The entire living space becomes

the veranda, letting guests walk right out to

the water's edge.


THE RESORT DECK, which includes the main

pool area, the new Rooftop Garden, the jogging

track, and the Solarium, is unlike any other outdoor

space at sea - or anywhere. Here, you will find



endless ways to enjoy the outdoors and connect

with the sea. Revolutionary in its vision, the space is

encompassed by an outward-facing, untraditionally

asymmetrical terraced pool deck nearly 22 feet

high that makes the ocean views and landscapes

the focal point while lounging poolside.

Guests can soak up the sun with hand-crafted

cocktails at the beautiful pool while lounging

comfortably, take a dip in the 75-foot lap pool,

relax in one of the spectacular martini glassshaped hot tubs suspended elegantly in the air on

the slenderest glass stem that bookend the pool,

or sprint along the nearly quarter-mile-long twodeck jogging track.

Six spacious cabanas line the starboard side of

the deck and provide another cool hot spot for

incredible outward-facing views. These rentable

relaxation spaces offer a private getaway and

highlight Celebrity's design DNA. At night,

ambient lighting enhances the intimacy of the

spaces even more.

THE MAGIC CARPET: Cantilevered from the side

of the ship, the Magic Carpet makes Celebrity

Edge's distinctive profile recognisable from miles

away. At the summit of the ship on Deck 16, the

Magic Carpet becomes the ultimate speciality

restaurant offering a special "Dinner on the Edge".

Down to Deck 14, Magic Carpet becomes an

extension of the already expansive relaxing main

pool area, the perfect place for breathtaking views,

tantalizing libations, and live music. On Deck 5,

Magic Carpet extends the ship's restaurants into

the most amazing al fresco seating imaginable for

close to 100 guests. Here it creates an intimate,

open-air dining experience that will make the fresh

ocean fare taste even fresher. At its lowest position

on Deck 2, Magic Carpet is a key component to

the Destination Gateway, a luxury embarkation

area where guests will be whisked away on-board

sleek Edge Launches - transforming the guest

experience in smaller ports of call.

THE ROOFTOP GARDEN: One of the most

carefree Resort Deck spaces brought to life in

collaboration with Tom Wright is the Rooftop

Garden, a living, urban playscape inspired by

childhood playgrounds and designed to awaken

the inner-child in everyone. It's a lively, spacious

environment perfect for slowing down, wandering,

daydreaming, movie watching, or outdoor

dining. The Rooftop Garden, tended to daily by

a resident horticulturist, is the perfect place for

guests to enjoy interactive games and activities

throughout the day, or enjoy the not-to-be-missed

evening entertainment where food and film

merge during "A Taste of Film," and pop-up live

music performances from the unexpected treetop

sculptures. The Rooftop Garden Grill, located

under the sun, or under the stars, has a selection

of the best burgers, brisket, or BBQ guests will find



4 Call now to book: 0800 082 2170 or visit


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