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Date Itinerary Oceanview from

25 Jul 19 3 £5619

22 Aug 19 3 £5099

26 Sep 19 4 £4839

3 Oct 19 3 £4969

17 Oct 19 3 £4899

28 Nov 19 3 £4969

19 Dec 19 4 £6749

26 Dec 19 3 £6349

16 Jan 20 4 £6029

20 Feb 20 3 £5999

27 Feb 20 4 £5999

5 Mar 20 3 £5999

26 Mar 20 4 £6069

9 Apr 20 4 £6349

16 Apr 20 3 £6589

30 Apr 20 3 £6029

21 May 20 4 £6239

Itineraries may vary. Other dates available all the

way through to December 2020 - call for details.

SAMPLE ITINERARY: (Itinerary 4- Southern Loop)

Day1: Quito (Ecuador). On the first day of your journey,

you'll be greeted at the airport by a Celebrity Cruises®

representative and transferred to your hotel. Enjoy free time

to relax and settle

Day 2: Quito (Ecuador) - overnight hotel stay. During a

guided tour of the capital of Ecuador, situated at an altitude

of 9,350 feet, you'll stand on the equatorial line at the Half of

the World Park and Museum, and marvel at the monasteries

of San Francisco and Santo Domingo. Your tour director will

escort you throughout your Quito stay and serve as your

personal concierge. Lunch with a spectacular view of the city

and enjoy a welcome dinner at a local gourmet restaurant

Day 3: Quito (Ecuador) - You will be transfered to the airport

to board the exclusive non-stop Celebrity Xpedition flight to

Baltra (South Seymour Island) where guides will be waiting to

transfer you to the ship. Board ship at 1500.

North Seymour Island 1530-1800. This is a natural haven

for some of the most sought after residents in the Galapagos

Islands, the Blue-Footed Boobie. Follow the nature trail

which meanders leisurely through large colonies of said bird

and nesting Frigate birds.

Day 4: South Plaza Island - 0700-1130. A small island

separated from Santa Cruz by a channel - the perfect haven

for California Sea Lion pups. Spot land iguanas, Sally Lightfoot

Crabs and various nesting sea birds.

Santa Fe Island (Barrington island) - 1500-1800. This is a

small flat island at the centre of the Archipelago, southeast of

Santa Cruz Island. It is home to one of the oldest volcanoes

and a dense forest of giant cactus.

Day 5: San Cristobal (Chatham island) - Punta Pitt from

0700-1130 and Puerto Baquerzio from 1500-1800. This is the

first island in the Galapagos Archipelago that Charles Darwin

visited during his voyage on the Beagle. This island hosts

frigate birds, sea lions, giant tortoises, blue and red-footed

boobies, tropicbirds, marine iguanas, dolphins and swallowtailed

gulls. The largest freshwater lake in the archipelago,

Laguna El Junco, is located in the highlands of San Cristóbal.

Day 6: Floreana Island - Post Office from 0700-1130 and

Cormorant Point from 1500-1800. The first "post office" in

the Galapagos Islands was established in 1793 by whalers,

and it was the home to the first Galapagos resident in 1807.

It was the first island to be colonized by Ecuadorians in 1832.

The main water source is a natural pond that fills up with

rain water during the rainy season. The human population

and their farming techniques has had an adverse effect on

the local flora and fauna. Conservation is now centred on

Galapagos Racers (snakes), three species of finch, and the

Floreana Mockingbird.

Day 7: Isabela (Albemarle Island) - Elizabeth Bay from 0700-

1130 and Moreno Point from 1500-1800. This is the largest

island of the Galápagos with an area of 1,792 square miles.

Its highest point is Volcán Wolf at 5,600 ft. On this island,

Galápagos penguins, flightless cormorants, marine iguanas,

pelicans and Sally Lightfoot crabs abound. It is the only island

to have the equator run through it. Vicente Roca Point is

where the remnants of an old volcano have formed two

turquoise coves and is rich in marine life - popular with divers

and snorkellers.

Day 8: Santa Cruz (Indefatigable Island) - a full day visit

to the island's capital Puerto Ayora on the Southern shore

from 0700 to 1800. This island has an area of 381 square

miles and is home the Charles Darwin Research Station and

the headquarters of the Galápagos National Park Service.

Santa Cruz is famous for lava tunnels and large tortoise

populations. Black Turtle Cove is a site surrounded by

mangroves, sea turtles, rays and small sharks. Las Bachas has

a large variety of vegetation including pit craters, Scalesia

Forest, cacti and ferns. Dragon Hill is the one of the newest

focal points on the island - home of the Galapagos Land


Day 9: Espanola (Hood Island) - Gardiner Bay from

0700-1500 and Punta Suarez from 1500-1800. This is the

oldest island, aged at around 3.5 million years, and the

southernmost in the group. Gardiner Bay has a great beach

ideal for swimming and snorkelling; while Punta Suarez has

an abundance of unique wildlife, including brightly coloured

marine iguanas, Española lava lizards, hood mockingbirds,

swallow-tailed gulls and blue-footed boobies.

Day 10: Mosquera Islet from 0600-0715. This is a small

islet resulting from an uplift of sand, made up of coral reefs

and rocks and has one of the largest sea lion colonies in the

Galapagos Islands.

Return to Baltra and disembark at 0800 where a Celebrity

Cruises® representative will greet you at the airport for your

flight to Quito. Your luggage will be transferred from the

ship directly to the plane. Your flight departs the Galapagos

giving you one last glimpse of the world's most treasured

archipelago. Upon your arrival in Quito, a Celebrity Cruises®

representative will escort you to your hotel. Enjoy an

optional afternoon excursion to the local craft market, time

permitting. Dinner is served at the hotel.

Day 11: Quito (Ecuador) Overnight hotel stay in - at your

leisure. Breakfast is included

Day 12: Quito (Ecuador). After a continental breakfast, your

Celebrity Cruises representative will once again escort you to

the airport for your return flight home.


Baltra - Black Turtle Cove - Rabida - Egas Port - Tagus

Cove (Isabella) - Espinoza Point (Fernandina) - Urvina Bay

(Isabella) - Vicente Roca Point (Isabella) - Bartolome Island

- Las Bachas (Santa Cruz) - Daphne Island - El Barranco

(Genovesa) - Darwin Bay - Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz) - Baltra

Where untamed

wildlife outnumbers the

pampered travellers


Call now to book: 0800 082 2170 or visit


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